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and was last UPDATED on November 28, 1998

Welcome to

Before you continue down the page, here's my thought of the day/week/month/year (whenever I get around to updating!)...

I must always remember that I am unique, just like everyone else!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Basically, this page contains things that I enjoy, and therefore give me - Inner Bursting Joy!
(i.e. my favourite music, websites, people etc.)
Feel free to look around and discover a little bit more about me and the stuff I AbSoLuTeLy LoVe!

Click *HeRe* to go the page with more info about yours truly!

These two lovlies
are my Shampoo Kids, Kaycee & Epifani.
Adopt yours today!

Go AhEaD! cLiCk On SoMeThInG...

See some fun stuff on my favourite band...The Age of Electric
My favourite band!

I just love KD, no not Kraft Dinner!

1/2 of the AOE are in Limblifter - check 'em out! My 2nd most favourite band!


Hey! Click *HeRe* to check out my new BlOoDy ChIcLeTtS website!

my favourite radio station Edge 102
My favourite radio station
- Long live Humble & Fred - tut tut tut!

The nation's music station!
24 hours a day, in Stereo

a great Canadian music mag!
A great,
Canadian Music magazine!

You sign mine, I'll sign yours!Guestbook by GuestWorldWritten pearls of wisdom!

Wow! I can't believe that people have been here since March 1998!
(and only 29
have signed the Guestbook!@#?)

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