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The name, Dakota, means friend.

North Dakota was admitted to the Union
November 2, 1889,
as the 39th State.

Bismarck is the State Capital.

State Nicknames

Peace Garden State
The Roughrider State
The Flickertail State

State Flag

The dark blue field displays a bald eagle
holding an olive branch and a bundle of arrows
in its claws.
In its beak the eagle carries a ribbon
with the words "One nation made of many States."
The fan shaped design above the eagle represents
the birth of a new nation,
the United States.
The name "North Dakota" appears on a red scroll
below the eagle.

Great Seal.

A tree in an open field,
the trunk of which is
surrounded by three bundles of wheat
On the right are a plow, an anvil and a sledge;
On the left, a bow crossed with three arrows
and an Indian on horseback
pursuing a buffalo toward the setting sun.

State Motto

Liberty and Union,
now and forever,
one and inseparable.

State flower, the wild Prairie Rose.

It grows along roadsides,
in pastures, and in native meadows.

State Tree

The American Elm.

State Bird

The Western Meadowlark.
It sings so sweetly!

State Animal
The Nakota Horse.

The Na Kota breed may well be those
distinct horses descended from the war ponies
belonging to Sioux Chief Sitting Bull.
Some still run wild in the
Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


North Dakota is bordered on the north by
Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada.
On the east by Minnesota, on the west by Montana
and on the south, South Dakota.

Highest point
White Butte.

3,506 feet.

Lowest point. Red river... 750 ft.


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