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The Grand Forks Horticulture Society meets September-March on the third Saturday of the month.

May-August meetings are informal and will be announced.
See our complete list of meetings below.

2013 Highlights


July 20 & July 21, 2013. Annual Garden Tour

The Grand Forks Horticultural Society will be holding its 29th annual garden tour July 20 -21, 2013. The hours are Saturday 10 AM~4 PM and Sunday 12~4 PM. Homeowners will open their private yards on these days for viewing and questions. Admission to a special plant sale is included with the ticket. Proceeds go to enhancing area public park gardens and educational programs.

Special features this year include creating a back yard paradise and other surprises.

Tickets are available on the tour dates at the Myra Museum, 2405 Belmont Road, in Grand Forks, and local garden centers: All Seasons, Sheas, Home of Economy, and EGF Hardware Hank.
There are no presale tickets. Questions call 775-2216.


90th North Dakota State Horticultural Society Meeting
August 1-3, 2013 Bottineau, ND

The North Dakota State Horticultural Society is an organization whose purpose is to disseminate information on horticultural topics to members
by publishing a newsletter and by providing educational programs at the annual meeting. The society also acts as a medium for the exchange of horticultural information between its members. This conference is for members and nonmembers.

This year's focus will be on getting back to our roots. the featured speaker will be Linda Differentcloud-Jones, Science and Ethnobotany faculty person from Fort Yates college. She will be speaking about the many uses of plants in food, fiber, medicine and products. She will also speak on landscaping with medicinal plants and will do some workshops where participants can take home products they have made. Additionally native dancers wil demonstrate dances used during deed ing and harvest times.

Keith Knudson of the Entrepreneurial Center for Horticulture, at Bottineau, is another presenter. He is involved in Aquaponics, and produces vegetables and fish in his unique greenhouse north of Bottineau. Registration information is pending.

For more information about lodging contact Tracie at 701-263-7912, or to stay at a college dorm room. You will have to bring your own bed and bath linens and pillows. A block of rooms has been reserfed at the Norway House Hotel (701) 228-3737. has other lodging information.

For more registration information contact: To be announced

NDSU Garden Seed Trials North Dakota State University

(NDSU) is looking for gardeners to test new vegetable varieties. We'll work together to find out which varieties are best for us in North Dakota. Everyone is welcome to participate. Over 350 families participated in 2009. Each household may select up to five trials. There is a fee of $1 per trial. Check the links on the side to get to the website.

Japanese Beetle

Please read about the Japanese Beetle. It is a voracious eater and does millions of dollars of damage in the United States, both in commercial crops and home gardens. Our area used to be too cold for it, but it has adapted and, now it is common in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Please inspect any plants that you buy for adults and grubs. I have seen them on perennials at Minneapolis garden centers. If you see this beetle, please kill it. Please make it harder for it to establish itself in our area. If you are unsure, put it in a ziplock bag, and put the bag in your freezer. Next time we meet, I will be happy to identify it for you. ~ Anne


April 5, 2014 ~ Gardening Saturday

A day of fun and education sponsored by the NDSU Extension Service, Master Gardeners, and the Grand Forks Horticultural Society. April 5, 2014 from 8:00am - 3:50 pm at the Alerus Center, 1200 42nd Street South, Grand Forks, ND. Featured speaker is Naturalist, Author and Photograhper, Stan Tekiela. Please check the side bar information will be available February 2014. There is a charge, lunch, plant to take home and door prises are included.
Gardening vendors will be in attendance.

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