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Welcome to One of the Largest Free Anime Sites on the Net!

Hundreds of images here - Evangelion - Sailor Moon - Dragon Ball Z - and many more! Enjoy! ^_^

Anime Galleries

** I will no longer be updating for the time being. AnimeCapitol will stay online, so enjoy the pics. **
** Check back every now and then, I am constructing a special project offline, and I plan to re-launch AnimeCapitol under the CIR network with complete renovations.**

**Currently offline Galleries: 1. Sorted by Content 2. Sorted by Character 3. Sorted by Artist 4. Top 20 Rated Images**
All other galleries (Sorted by Series and Past Babes of the Month) are completely online for your viewing pleasure!
Anime Capitol

The Term "Anime" used in this site refers to Japanimation as an illustrative style.
This website is a showcase of this style.
No effort has been made to differenciate Animation from Manga, nor Proffessional Art from Amateur.

All images are Copyrighted to their legal owners. Take what you please.

Fan art
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