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Pete's Place

If You found this,, Congrats.. Just a place to play and some good links.. I'm just trying to figure this out... Here Is My Obligatory Porn Shot..

Check em out...

Descriptions (Sample)
The Smoking Gun
RFC Editor
MSN Cubis
IT Exam Cram
Computer Acronyms
Gibson Research
Book Crossing
Balloon Federation Of America
Hot or Not..
Net Calculator
Yahoo Computer Games">WebOpedia
Friend lost in Vietnam?? Have their Dog Tags been Found??
Sounds of The Cities
The Sounds of Magic
TV Acres-- TV Facts You Never Thought to Ask
Tabasco Home Page
Pyro Peppers
Tahiti Joes
Arizona Peppers
Johnny Pepperseed
The White House Home Page
Learn more About Yourself and the World
Old Ads You might Remember
NC Story Tellers
New Horizons Retail Home Page
New Horizons Test Site
Worlds Monument Fund/Watchdog Site
Cosmic Chili
I Love it Hot
Fire Girl's Hot Sauces
The Chili Shoppe
Pepper Joes
Exploding Pop Tart
George Goble's Home Page
The Exploding Whale
Shenendoah National Park
National Park Service
Asheville NC
Check California Coastline
Check Flight Humor
Check West Point Acadamy
Check Air Force Museum
Check Museum Of The Confederation
Cecil County MD
Library of Congress
Check Klein Bottles
Check Army Airborne and Special Ops Museum
Check Naval Air Museum
Check Naval History
Check General Patton Website
New Horizons Charlotte
New Horizon On Line Anytime
Neew Horizon Training
Koko, The Gorilla that Knows Sign Language
Dark Sky Association
Mars Pictures
International Space Station
World Wildlife Organization
USA Today, (Better than the Paper)

The BathRoom Readers Institute
Brittle Stars
Useless Knowledge
How Stuff Works
Fish Stuff
Remote Bomb Detectors
NonStick Water Drops
Free and Weird Video Clips
The Smithsonian Institution
Flight Explorer
International Center of Photography
Wierd Recipes
Dumb Laws
Stuff from the Dumpster
Bad Web Pages
What Really goes on in a Psycho's Head??
Read free books on the Web
9/11/01 Archive
The Homeless Guy's web Page
Chicago Museum of History
Kartchner Caverns AZ Photos
Corcoran Museum
NY History Museum
Agana Newspaper
Mental Floss Magazine
What is the Super String Theory
Government Archives
Find old Classmates/Military Friends
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey
The International Rhinos Foundation
At least one Joke a Day
Scott Kim's Puzzle Page
Cincinnati Zoo
Hydrogen Car Info
DOE's Hydrogen take on Hydrogen Fuel
Directed Technologies Hydrogen Fuel Technologies
The National Hydrogen Assn
Eye For Fuel Cells Web Site
FuelCells Web Site
NORAD (North America American Aerospace Defense Comand
Fractals. Guess what they are..
Spy Stuff.Com Store
The Spy Store
Neat Astronomy Site
The Smoking Gun (Caught in the Act..
Lego Death (Museum of Horrors)
US Living Will Registry (Let Your Wishes be Known)
The Real Reason Behind The Hindinburg Fire
The Onion News Source
Twisted Humor
Flight Attendant Site with Inside Observations (Jokes)

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