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Welcome to North Carolina.

Called the Old North State because of
its position in the Carolinas.

Nickname "Tarheel State" used by State's
soldiers in Civil War to show ability to
stick like tar to their battle posts.

Capital City: Raleigh.

Admitted to Statehood: November 21, 1789.

Great Seal.

"Liberty" stands, holding in her left hand
a pole with a cap on it; in her right hand,
a scroll with the word "Constitution."
"Plenty" sits, her right hand held toward
"Liberty," the overflowing horn at her feet.

Motto: Esse Quam Videri
(To Be Rather Than To Seem)

State Flag.

Blue union with gilt letters "N" and "C"
on either side of white star; two scrolls,
one bearing date May 20, 1775, and the other,
April 12, 1776, placed above and below star;
red and white horizontal bars.

State Song.

"Old North State.

Words by William Gaston,
Adapted to German melody.
Can you hear it?

State Flower.

The Flowering Dogwood.

State Bird.

The beautiful Cardinal.

State Reptile.

The Box Turtle.

State Tree.

The Loblolly Pine.

North Carolina is bordered on the north
by Virginia, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean
on the south by South Carolina and Georgia,
on the west by Tennessee.

Highest point; Mt. Mitchell at 6,684 feet.
Lowest point: Sea level.

You will see lots of beauty like this.

To learn more of my beautiful North State,
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