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I'm David Cloud.  I won't be happy unless I know there's one miserable wretch roasting in Hell for all eternity while I get to laugh in Heaven

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Unicron is better: at least he'll forgive and offer a 
real second chance at life, like he gave Megatron/Galvatron David Cloud (top) and Unicron (bottom) from Transformers The Movie: one is a fallen "dark god" who consumes planets, the other is just fallen, thinks he IS God and is consumed by his own pride

Welcome to the Way Of Strife Literature Web Site. Way Of Strife Literature is a 26-year old's response to a so-called "ministry" that draws people away from Christ, not to Him. The founder/director of the original Way of Life is David W. Cloud. At this website you will find a vicious spoof of his un-Christlike material, but you will also find a reasoned, loving and prayerfully (despite its appearance) humble response to a man who has been the source of much anger and confusion on the Internet about the Christian life. Be sure to check out the Way Of Strife Encyclopedia of the Bible & "Our Kind Of Christianity" and the End-Time Apostate Cloud Database, which critiques Cloud's original writings... and copyright be darned under Fair Use! You can also sign up for the Fundamental Baptist Information Service, Cloud's actual e-mail postings which are delivered whenever Cloud wakes up pokey some mornings and wants to rant against some poor nameless Catholic priest.

HOW TO FIND ARTICLES: One of the simpliest ways to find books and articles on the Way Of Strife Literature web site is to the use the End-Time Apostate Cloud Database. Whenever Cloud posts to his site, we post in kind!

WHAT'S NEW AT THE WAY OF STRIFE WEB SITE: The easiest way to find out what is new at the Way Of Strife web site is to check out the overly-redundant responses page (don't blame us... we're only imitating Cloud's style!)

THE PROPER ADDRESS FOR THE WAY OF STRIFE WEB SITE: Well, if you're looking at this, you're at the right address!

Way Of Strife Literature and Our Materials
Way Of Strife Literature Online Catalog
"A listing of all the available publications you can buy from us that PROVE you're a lost wretch and we're 'beddah' than you'll ever be."
Way Of Strife Encyclopedia of the Bible & "Our Kind Of Christianity"
"A sample of our lexicon. You would be a Hellbound slanderer if you disagreed with it."
O'Blasphemy Magazine Online
"We only update this when there's someone we're particularly hateful toward."
About Way Of Strife
What Readers Say About The Way Of Strife Encyclopedia
What Readers Say About O'Blasphemy Magazine & Way Of Strife Literature
Special Reports
  Beware of the Promise Keepers Movement
Cloud doesn't like the idea of humbly serving his own wife by washing her feet and here he tells you why you shouldn't either.
The "Special Report" Cloud didn't intend on you ever seeing again
What does condemning Martin Luther King Jr. have to do with spreading the gospel of Christ? Cloud doesn't know, nor did he explain why this "report" was on his site, then removed it, apparently meaning for it never to see the light of day again. Until now.
WEB SITES OF POSSIBLE INTEREST TO FUNDAMENTAL BAPTISTS "Do you want to choke the spiritual life out of your congregation? Want them to 'toe the line' of the church's leadership instead of being REAL witnesses for Jesus Christ in a world needing Him? Here's a whole bunch of resources for 'like-minded' independent fundamentalist Baptists. If you're a meek and wimpy Christian you'd do well to just move along."
Know Him for His sake... NOT for some power-hungry men like Cloud and his brand of "pastoral authority".
Cloud Hates The "Laughing Revival"
Especially when people are laughing at HIM!
End-Time Apostate Cloud Database
An extensive Bible-believing database countering much about fundamentalist nonsense. We won't claim to grow "daily" like Cloud does (his site doesn't, it really doesn't), but whenever Cloud's place does actually grow, so will we!
Self-Righteous Fundamentalist News Service
Self-Righteous Fundamentalist News Service Articles
Whenever Cloud posts something that demands a response, here is where you'll find it. The difference between him and us is, we listen and pray that God give us discernment, and that what we post here will be in a spirit of love and humbleness. If readers disagree or have something to share that would lead others to Christ, we read it... and will even post it here! Cloud on the other hand is like the Grand Inquisitor from The Brothers Karamazov: he wouldn't recognize or listen to Jesus even if He came before Cloud.
End-Time Apostate Cloud Database He's got WAY more than one link to his database on HIS page... why should we be any different? :-)
Subscribe to Cloud's Fundamental Baptist Information Service E-Mail List to find more of that "scaredy-cat"-brand of religion that preaches fear and division, not hope and love.
Online Books
  Way of Strife Literature Online Books "Of course, the Bible is the only book that a Christian needs, but we've written some books to make you understand it just exactly as we do."
Internet Directory of Churches That Darn-Well Better Think Just Like We Do
If You Aren't A BAPTIST Church, We Don't Want You
"A worldwide listing of independent Baptist churches. There are hundreds of entries and the list is growing daily." (their words, not mine) Of course, a REAL Christian wouldn't be impressed by "strength in numbers" and would look to God to supply all victory. And these people claim to have read the Bible? Feh! Do you think THESE people know the meaning of the story of Gideon, or even how Jesus overcame the forces of the world in His time? Not a chance! These guys are fundamentalist just to be fundamentalist... they don't care about real repentance or forgiveness! They just want you to "be like them!" If you really want to assimilate yourself into "Cloud of Borg's" collective, then yeah check in here!
Pastor Thanks Us for Church Directory... because he was "defrocked" by his last church and had been looking for employment.
They Found a Good Church through Our Church Directory "and we're going to gloat about it... screw humbleness!"
Filtered Internet Service
  Filtered Internet Service
"We know how to protect you and your family better than you can! Keep heretical words like 'Billy Graham' and 'charismatic' from dirtying your mind with a filtered Internet provider, plus help Brother Cloud at the same time."
("Brother"? HA! Cloud doesn't want to be a brother, only an abusive, overbearing "father figure")
Way of Strife's Electronic KJV-Offense Library
Way of Strife's Electronic KJV-Offense Library
This is Way of Life at it's lockstep worst. So little faith does Cloud have in the Bible that he feels his own effort is needed to "protect" it.

ABOUT OUR PURPOSE: Way Of Strife Literature is fighting fundamentalism that tries to build up a "church" instead of building up the Kingdom of Heaven. Our primary target is Way of Life, a fundamental Baptist publishing ministry under the oversight of Bible Baptist Church, Oak Harbor, Washington. It was founded in 1973 by David W. Cloud, and has since become one of the major sources of unsound doctrine on the Internet. Our goal is to deliver a rebuke, grounded in the whole counsel of truth as it is found in the Bible, to a ministry that is grounded in flawed legalism and guided by a hardened heart. To do so in love, with kindness... but uncompromising in our sincere belief that Cloud is doing more harm than good. But also to do it with humor. The name "O'Blasphemy" describes what Way of Life is doing -- failing to live out the once-delivered faith and failing to encourage others to seek after Christ. Way of Life preaches another Christ: one of legalism, not saving grace. And so, Cloud is in all error.

ABOUT OUR NAME: The name "Way Of Strife" is a spoof of "Way of Life", which Cloud cited from Proverbs 6:23 "...reproofs of instruction are the way of life." Cloud just wants to be the one offering these reproofs, even though no one can crack it through his thick skull that he needs reproof (and breaking, and repentance, and REAL salvation, and for his spirit to bear REAL fruit instead of the rancor he puts on Way of Life). The crying need of the hour is NOT uncompromising Bible preaching. Of course we need instruction, but more than anything else we need to be loving, and extending the love of our Lord to the world, holding back nothing in that regard. More preaching is NOT the answer: more living out the Christ-like life by ALL Christians is! But fundamentalism makes that impossible. Fundamentalism strangles the spiritual vitality out of the Christian... and so, many churches (like perhaps Cloud's) have become like the Laodicean church described in Revelation: they are lukewarm. Cloud wants people in the churches and for pastors (like himself) to tighten their grip on said churches. The world needs God's love... but Cloud and other fundamentalists can only give it wrath and spite. We don't need them anymore, and they need to be gotten rid of in the only way possible: by PROVING that they are wrong. That we are under the Rule of Love and NOT the Rule of Law. God gave us the law to point to our need for Him. Jesus fulfilled the Law through His perfect life and His death and resurrection. He ended the Rule of Law...but people like Cloud think that we still need it so people like they can control the Law. And you. Cloud does not offer life, he only brings strife. Hence this site's name.

E-MAIL US: To contact us about the information at this site write to Darth Sidious DarthSidious@fanforce.net. Please note, though, that we receive roughly 1.5x10^3 personal letters and e-mail per month, most of it "spam" trying to sell everything from surplus Israeli gas masks to XXX-rated bovine porn to bootleg ABBA records, so we can't reply to everyone. However, we do try :)