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Distributed by Way of Strife Literature's Parody Service. These articles can be spread around on BBS or Internet sites without express permission from the author. In fact, we would encourage you to do so! Just link back here if ya could, please. This material can be spread on good websites like, but if someone like MAD Magazine wants to use it, they really should hire me first. This is a listing for Christians who are trying to live out the faith being saved by grace, not the legalistic ravings of fundamentalists et al. Our goal is, as everything else a Christian is supposed to do, devotional. However OUR PRIMARY PURPOSE IS TO PROVIDE INFORMATION TO ASSIST CHRISTIANS IN THE BUILDING UP THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AGAINST THE TROUBLE THAT CLOUD AND OTHER FUNDAMENTALISTS ARE STIRRING UP IN THEIR APOSTACY. And if it takes parody to do that, so be it! If you desire to receive this type of material on a regular basis, let us know and we'll churn out more! And it won't be implied that you see our ministry as proudly as Cloud sees his that we'll ask you for a donation, either.

NOTICE: Though I do not expect all of my readers to agree with my judgments or doctrinal position, I do desire to present every statement accurately and factually. If you find what you believe to be a mistake, please take a few moments to write to me about it. Your challenge will not be ignored. I will look into the matter as quickly as possible.

Yeah, you read that right, nothing's changed from the original. 'Cause we intend to make good on that pledge.

This database contains roughly 3 books and articles and is growing weakly.

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