The Lit Candle Adoption Registry And Links
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The Lit Candle
Adoption Registry
And Links

This adoption registry and links site
is in several sections.
I will be adding to these sites often.
This page is for regular adoptions.
I also have a page
specifically for Black Market Adoptions.
I have a page on Adoption Poetry.
There is also one on Genealogy.
I want to add a Photo page
where adoptees or birth relatives
can post their pictures.
After all, a picture is worth
a thousand words when
searching for birth relatives.
If you would like to scan me your picture
I will post it on the page.
I also want to have a Reunion Page.
If you find your family
please let me know so I can list
your reunion for all to see.
When posting your information,
please be sure to give an email address.
You do need a way for someone
to be able to contact you.
Post all the information
you have pertaining to the adoption.
If you have an adoption website
and would like for me to add it here,
please send me your link by email
and I will gladly add it to my list.
If you have a poem and would like me
to add it to my poetry page, please
email me and I can add it also.
Happy hunting and Good Luck


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