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PowerPoint is

Here are the Links. Get Started!

First you need a PowerPoint viewer. If you don't have one, download one for free at the following link!
Download Windows PowerPoint Viewer 97 (2.8 Mbyte)

Now, if you have a viewer, check out these tutorials!

Getting Started with PowerPoint

A tutorial for PowerPoint 97

Inserting video and audio!

Click here for Free Powerpoint Tutorials!

Here are some good books on the subject! Click to order online.

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PowerPoint® 97 For Windows® For Dummies® by Doug Lowe

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Create Powerpoint Presentations in a Weekend (In a Weekend) by Brian Reilly

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Easy Microsoft Powerpoint 97 (Ques Easy Series) by Laura Monsen

10 Minute Guide to Office Pro 97 for Windows 95 : Access, Excel, Powerpoint and Word by Faithe Wempen

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10 Minute Guide to Powerpoint 97 by Faithe Wempen

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Beginning PowerPoint 7.0 for Windows 95 (Microsoft PowerPoint 7.0) by Inc. KT Solutions

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Beginning PowerPoint for Office 97 (Microsoft PowerPoint 97)

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft Office 97

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Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft Powerpoint

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Creating Cool Powerpoint 97 Presentations by Glenn E. Weadock, Emily Sherrill Weadock

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Easy Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 by Laura Stewart

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The Essential Book for Microsoft Office : The Get-It-Done Tutorial for Professionals by Bill Bruck

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Lycos - Search the Web
Angelfire - Free Home Pages

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Hope this page helps you learn some software applications. Email me any questions or comments. See you 'round the web!


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