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The Breastfeeding Stories Page

Updated: 07/05/00

Welcome to the Breastfeeding Stories Page!
Boy, are we getting big! We have over 70 nursing stories.

This is not a medical page. It contains information given by other breastfeeding mothers.

There is something to be learned from everyone and every experience. Pull up a chair, and look again. We have stories, journals, tips, pictures, and many other things.

Would you like to add something to this page? Email your ideas, stories, pictures, etc. to

I'm always looking for the following things:
Nursing stories written by mothers.
Nursing stories written by fathers.
Nursing tips.
Stories about when nursing stops.
Pictures of breastfeed babies.
Ideas on how the page can be improved.
Help verifying Links on the Links page.

Feel free to email me any of these things.

** Come to our forum and chat. Tell me what you think about this page, breastfeeding, or anything that is on your mind! **

A special THANK YOU to all of you how have sent in your stories. Great job. Let's keep them coming.
Email me at

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