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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Our Favorite things.

Hi! Welcome to "Are We Having Fun Yet?" Feel free to browse. This site is being designed to have kids of all ages enjoy. I am over 40 and have enjoyed just the games. We are putting together, what we think, some great ideas for the whole family and we are still searching for ideas. If you can help, please email us. We all can be a part of this page. Join us in keeping families together. Thank you.

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(Thank you Shirley, it is soooooo cute.)

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The Disney Page

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Here are some extra's that we thought you would enjoy. Click on any one of these icons and...Enjoy!


Here you will find a page for different holidays. I am still in the process of making these, so bear with me.

    CB's Halloween

I found these links and thought they would be cool to share with you. Something for everyone here.
Brain Stuff

Just For Kids

Fun Land


For Rainy Days

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Here are some fun pages to go to.

Rhyme Zone

Find Kids


Pass This On

Super Kids

Fun Page



Warner Bros.

Kids Com

Pet Station

Kids Cooking Page

Just Say Wow

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These are Our Favorite Sites. They would love for you to visit.

Barb's Home Page

A place to VOICE your opinion

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Timothy's page

Mona's Heart

Cool Archive

Free Games Online! :)

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