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Welcome to the Alexy Abyssinian Home Page

We have been breeders of Abyssinian cats and Abyssinian kittens since 1986! We breed Abyssinians in the four traditional colors of ruddy, sorrel (red, cinnamon), blue and fawn. Our Aby cats and kittens are registered in CFA and TICA (The International Cat Association).

We are small hobby breeders with no more than 4 breeding females and welcome all new pet owners to come visit their new family members before taking them home.

We hope that you enjoy the kitten pictures, cat pictures and descriptions of our Abyssinian cats. We have also included pictures of the cattery and a cattery history. The Nursery page has kitten photos of our latest Abyssinian litters and retired cats available for adoption. We think you will enjoy the pictures and letters from our Aby pet owners also.

If you think you would enjoy having an Abyssinian in your life, visit our Nursery page, and please send us an email . We have retired from breeding, but have several adults available to adoption.

Bruce and Dianne

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