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This page is updated every time there is a change in availability of our Abyssinian kittens. Put it on your Favorites List.

If you think you would enjoy having an Abyssinian in your life, please send us an email.

I have retired from breeding and do not have any kittens available.

We do have Siamese kittens available. Go to to get more information.

I do have one retired Aby available.
His picture and story is shown below.
Let me know if you would be interested.


Kolchak "The Night Stalker" is a 1 year old red boy.
He is neutered and ready for adoption.
Kolchak is a truly handsome Aby and loves people.
He is very sweet and not aggressive with other cats.

Kolchak Kolchak
Kolchak Kolchak
Kolchak Kolchak

View some of our past kittens.

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