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Kristari's Sugar Magnolia and Kristari's Totaka Morpheus

Kristari's Sugar Magnolia: or Maya as we call her, is a young red Siberian Husky bitch currently living in Charlotte North Carolina. She was born at Kristari Kennels in Tennessee, (Please see link below for more information on Kristari Siberians) and moved here when she was eight weeks old. She is currently training on Conformation and Obedience. Her first match show was June 16th. Check out the show history page for results! Maya lives in a home with two other dogs, (Lance, a male doberman,and Neo), five cats, a macaw, fifteen Bearded Dragons and horses. She is surounded by people that love her and play with her all day. She's also VERY spoiled. She loves to be groomed and worked with, and has mastered the idea of the Grooming Table. She also has a little kiddy pool and the beginning of a sand box, that she lounges in all day long when she and Lance are outside. She's deffinatly living the high life! If anyone has ideas for this webpage, or questions about Maya, or about Siberian Huskies as pets, please contact me at

The six month old pup is "Neo" or Kristari's Totaka Morpheus as we call him. He's an absolutly beautiful gray and white male born at Kristari Kennels. Hopefully, this little boy will be our founding sire! He has shocked everyone who has seen him with his romeo's eyes and stunning good looks! Ladies beware, this pup is going to be a KNOCKOUT! To learn more about Neo, please click here:
Neo's Lovely Page

Coming soon: Conformation pics!

Updates on the Show History Page ARE HERE!


Neo went to his FIRST SHOW on the weekend of June 16-17. Saturday, his first show, our little boy took RESERVE! Alright Neo!!!!

What is conformation?
Maya's Pedigree
Maya's Show History
Pictures from SHCA National Specialty

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