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This page is a recreation of the one I had before. Here I have attempted to put together as many of the pagan chants I know as possible so people can find the ones that speak to them. None of these are mine, unless they are marked specifically. There is no attempt to diminish copyright here, as far as I know, they are not copyrighted. If no name is given credit, it means I do not know who wrote it. All that said, enjoy!

Miscellaneous Chants

God, Goddess, Moon Chants
Elemental Invocation Chants
Harvest Chants
Yule Chants

Beauty is before me

Now I walk in Beauty
Beauty is before me
Beauty is behind me
Above and below me.

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Dear Friends

Dear friends, dear friends
Let me tell you how I feel
You have given me your treasure
I love you so.

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J. Tigerheart, February 2, 1999

Lady of Myster, Goddess of Life
Won't you bring me one day, just one day without strife?

Help me to listen to my own heart,
To hold myself close and not tear it apart.

Turn all of my sorrow to motives for change,
Help me move on, grow and rearrange.

Lady of Mystery, Mother of me,
Help me to heal, help me to be free.

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I am a Warrior

I am a warrior, and a being of power
I am brave and strong and bright!
With the Sword of Truth, and a heart enduring,
I am standing in the light!

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Wearing my Long Wing Feathers

Wearing my long-wing feathers as I fly
Wearing my long-wing feathers as I fly
I circle around, I circle around
The boundaries of the earth,
The boundless universe.

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Where I sit is Holy

Where I sit is holy, holy is the ground.
Forest, mountain, river, Listen to the sound.
Great Spirit circle all around me.

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