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Teachings From China





Dazu Huike


Jianzhi Sengcan


Dayi Daoxin

Daman Hongren

Niutou Farong

Dajian Huineng

Yuquan Shenxiu

Nanyue Huairang

Qingyuan Xingsi

Nanyang Huizhong

Yongjia Xuanjue

Heze Shenhui


Recommended Secondary Sources:

Tsung-Mi and the Single Word "Awareness" (chi) by Peter Gregory

The Emergence of Ch'an Buddhism: A Revisionist Perspective by Charles W. Swain

The Transformation of Consciousness Into Wisdom In the Chinese Consciousness-Only School According to the Cheng Wei-Shi Lun

Interpretation of Buddhist Terminology at the Background of Chinese Traditional Thoughts

Onto-Epistemology of Sudden Enlightenment in Chan Buddhism

The Antecedents of Encounter Dialogue in Chinese Chan Buddhism

Tangut Chan Buddhism and Guifeng Zongmi

The Early Development of the Buddha-nature Doctrine in China

Sudden & Gradual: Approaches to Enlightenment in Chinese Thought

A Comparative Study of "No-Thought" in Indian and Chinese Buddhist Texts



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