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Nanyang Huizhong


Nanyang Huizhong (Nan-yang Hui-cheng; Nanyo Echu; also Dacheng Chanshi, Ta-cheng Ch’an-shih, Daisho zenji), 675-775. A Dharma-heir of Huineng, the Sixth Ancestor. After receiving the Transmission he went into hermitage on Baiya shan (Hakugai san) in Nanyang. Emperor Suzong had him dragged from his hermitage in 761 when Huizong was about 81 and had him installed as as the court Chan Master. He also served as the Teacher of Suzong’s successor Daizong. Commonly referred to as the National Teacher (guoshi or kokushi) in Zen texts. He appears in Blue Cliff Records 18, 69, 99, Records of Silence 42, 85 and Gateless Gate 17.


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