Welcome to our home page. Michael and I are in a May/Dec type of marriage. Michael was born in 1975 and I was in 1952. We have been married since March -95 and feel we are in the honeymoon stage still...which is what we plan to be in for the rest of our lives...or forever if so blessed. Michael is in the army and at this time is involved in video and photography. He loves to travel and often does for his job. He also has a passion for Goldwing motorcycles. I am a homemaker and I dabble in the psychic area. We both believe in angels and have encountered many in our lives. We love meeting new people....encountering new ideas and places. We feel that life is what you make it and what you wish it to be...with a little bit of encouragement.

In the upcoming months we hope to tell our tales of angels, strange and interesting things that have happened to us over the years(at least we think of them as strange and interesting).

We also will ramble on about the events in our lives...sort-of a journal at times you might say.

An Angel Story

It was shortly after I have know my husband-to-be when this story happened to me. I was driving home in the wee hours of the morning after visiting Michael. I was very tired and found it very hard to keep my eyes open for the drive. I found myself driving and at the same time I was asleep..only dreaming I was driving. As hard as I tried...I found it very hard to stay awake. Going down the highway I saw off in the distance a star low in the sky. I found myself staring at this bright and beautiful star when it exploded. At once I found that when the star exploded I woke up(I was sleeping and dreaming I was driving again and saw the star only in my dreams)...the star exploded just in time to save myself from driving off a tall embankment. I surely would have died that night if it was not for the "star". I found myself totally awake after that star exploded and was able to get to my home safe and sound. I found out the next day...much to my surprise....that at the same moment I experienced the star "exploding" Michael had sent thoughts for his guardian angel to watch over me for he was worried about my driving home as tired as I was. Michael's guardian angel's name was "Star". I believe that Star saved my life that fateful night.

A blessing to share

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Words to the song we used for our wedding..played on , June 27,-95.

I'll admit I could feel it, the first time that we touched
And the look in your eyes said you felt as much
But I'm not a man who falls too easily
It's best that you know where you stand with me

I will give you my heart faithful and true
And all the love it can hold. That's all I can do
I've thought about how long I'll love you
And it's only fair that you know
Forever's as Far as I'll Go

When there's age around my eyes and grey in your hair
And it only takes a touch to recall the love we've shared
I won't take for granted, you'll know my love is true
Cuz each night in my arms I will whisper to you

I will give you my heart faithful and true
And all the love it can hold. That's all I can do
I've thought about how long I'll love you
And it's only fair that you know
Forever's as Far as I'll Go

Forever's as Far.....as I'll go

* * * * * *

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