Pamphlet 97 Electronics Mechanic (Computer)
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Pamphlet 621-97

15 July 1981


Work Process Schedule for the Trade of

Electronics Mechanic (Computer)

DOT Code: 828.281.010


Element Work Processes Hours
A Orientation to Computer Systems and Equipment, such as Console Control Panels, Memory Devices, Processors, Page Printers, Card Punchers, Sending and Receiving Units, Universal Keyboards, and Peripheral and Terminal Apparatus, Test Equipment, Operations, Maintenance and Repair Techniques and Processes-- (1) Apply shop practices for proper use, maintenance care and storage of test equipment. (2) Employ safety practices as outlined in established procedures pertaining to voltage and moving mechanical parts. (3) Develop workshop and component equipment cleaning techniques. (4) Observe experienced repairer and participate in the identifications, use, care and storage of handtools and specialized trade tools. 1600
B Troubleshoot Computer Equipment Using Standard Diagnostic Methods, Procedures and Test Equipment-- (1) Study circuit diagrams and check processed cards and tapes. (2) Interpret circuit and schematic diagrams, technical literature and related documents. (3) Identify location and purpose of components, subassemblies, and auxillary equipment. (4) Determine malfunctions and locations of mechanical and electrical components. (5) Determine waveform, wave length, voltage amplification. (6) Determine faulty components by direct current measurements, AC and DC voltage measurements, and resistance measurements. 2000
C Inspect and Repair Electrical and Mechanical Computer Equipment and Components-- (1) Utilize and follow blueprints, diagrams and manufacturer's specifications. (2) Compute voltage amperage and resistance factors. (3) Disassemble malfunctioning equipment and replace family components. (4) Inspect, adjust and align repaired components. (5) Prepare and file maintenance and repair records. 2000
D Final Test Operate Equipment with Standard and Specialized Test Instruments-- (1) Ohmeters. (2) Vacuum tube voltmeter. (3) Oscilloscopes. (4) Transistor checks. (5) Flip-Flop circuit checkers. (6) Pulse code board testing devices. (7) Pulse code testing devices. (8) Pulse generators. (9) Multimeter. 2000
E Perform Organizational and Preventive Maintenance as Required-- (1) Perform visual inspection. (2) Clean machine, equipment and tools. (3) Lubricate per requirements and as necessary. 400
Grand Total 8000

Special Instructions: Work processes completed in a state or federally recognized apprenticeship program will be accepted upon presentation of proper documentation to the appropriate service school.

Appendix B

Schedule of Related Instruction for the Trade of

Electronics Mechanic (Computer)

DOT Code: 828.281.010


A total of 576 hours of related instruction is required in order to complete this program. Related instruction credit may be awarded individuals registered in the trade of Electronics Mecahnic (Computer) taken from an accredited institution, providing the courses are similar to the courses taken for a Electronics (Computer) program in a community college/vocational school.

End of Pamphlet 621-97 Electronics Mechanic (Computer)

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