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If You Write Web Pages I Recommend . . .

If you write web pages for fun, and are considering writing web pages for profit, Here are somethings to consider.

You want low overhead in the beginning.

You want a user-friendly, easy-to-learn software.

You want professional-looking results.

There are more professional software packges that you could buy to use on your web page creations, but they are much more expensive, and some take longer to learn, even though in the end you can do more with them.

So there is a trade-off. You want to get your web page to look better fast, and for as little money as possible.

First, get COOL 3D. Your title logo says a lot about your page. Make it move, and make it eye-catching.

Then get Photosuite. It's only $29.95, and easy to learn. You can manipulate photos like a pro.

Once you have several frames of photos that you would like to animate, then try GIF Construction Set. You won't have any use for it if you don't have any frames to animate, so get comfortable with making your pictures and paintings into frames in Photosuite before you tackle animation.

Have fun with your web page, and please email me with any questions or comments you have.

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