The Galactic Empire
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The Galactic Empire


45 years after the Battle of Endor the Empire is once again at the reigns of the largest war machine in the galaxy. Under the direction of Emperor Zelous and his Grand Admirals he has taken back the majority of the galaxy. However he found that his Grand Admirals were to be short lived within the Empire. Grand Admiral Thrawn left to create his own smuggling operation after he went skiztso when a brave captain named Com Wedge took control of the B-21 forces and saved his life however he returned to humbly take control of the Empire. Grand Admiral Eagle Eye's tactics were alone the cause of his demise reports have come in that he was lost in the Cron Drift. Grand Admiral Com Wedge brought new reforms to the Empire and got the fleet kickstarted again. After the leave of Com Wedge the Imperial fleets are left without a Grand Admiral. Then from the ashes of our apparent ruin, Tsoiotsi Tsogalii halted our decline, a TIE pilot bye the callsign of Death Stroke, self appointed himself a grand admiral and took control of the Imperial Death Fleet.Now that the Emperor has forced the Republic back he has now the need of a big Navy and Army and has filled the galaxy with posters as such below:
He has done this because he wishes that you will join and bring his dream of order and unity to a reality.

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The Empire is giving out an award to the best members Star Wars page. If you have one send the address to the e-mail below!!

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