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Pagan-Related Downloads

To the best of my knowledge, these files are public domain unless
otherwise noted. I have tried to include all documentation regarding
these files in the appropriate ".zip" archive. If you see something
here that you know is not public domain, or has the wrong creator
credited, e-mail me at, and I will remove or correct it.

Now that the disclaimer is done, here we go...


All fonts are in ".zip" files, and are formatted for IBM-compatable PCs.

DownloadSizeDescriptionVisual Depiction
magickal.zip57KGeneral Magickal fontsmagickal.jpg
runic.zip116KSeveral Runic fontsrunic.jpg
tolkien.zip358KTolkien's Tengwar languagetolkien.jpg

For those of you who wish to use these fonts on a Macintosh,
click HERE to download a true type font converter for Mac OS.

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