Martha Love
Daughter of John Love

Martha was born 24 Mar 1779 in Charlotte County, Virginia. The daughter of John and Ruth Crook Love, her family moved to Surry County NC ca. 1782. They lived in the section of Surry County that soon after became Stokes in 1789 and later changed to Forsyth County in 1849. The 1850 Forsyth County census enumerates Martha as being born in Virginia. This bit of information is important in that it signals the family had not made the move to North Carolina prior to Martha’s 1779 birth.

Martha’s family founded Love’s Methodist Church ca. 1795 in Stokes County. Today the church stands southwest of Walkertown on Rocky Branch Road in Forsyth County. Dated 11 Dec 1803, Martha Love married Robert Walker Junior in Stokes County. Archibald Campbell was bondsman and the bond was witnessed by A. Robinson. The namesake of Walkertown, Robert Junior is the son of Robert Sr. who also lived and died in Stokes County.

Dated 22 Oct 1847, Robert Walker wrote a last will and testament. Not only does he mention his wife Martha, but also states the names of his daughters and to whom they were married.

Martha Walker is enumerated as 72 years of age in the 1850 Forsyth County. Living with her is her 20 year old daughter Anna Hicks. Martha Love Walker died and was buried on 25 Mar 1853 at Love’s Methodist Church. The name Robert Walker does not appear in the published cemetery records for Love’s Church. The stone may be worn or unmarked. I can only believe that he is buried at the church somewhere near his wife of so many years. The children of Robert Junior and Martha Love Walker are:

Mary Walker

Mary Walker married Clayton N. Vanhoy on 17 Oct 1827 in Stokes County. Bondsman was James W. Love and C. L. Banner witnessed the bond. This is important in that we know most of the Love family moved to Martin County IN by 1830. From this record we can see that James W. Love had not yet made the move.

Nancy L. Walker

Nancy married Joseph Briggs on 27 Nov 1827. C. L. Banner was bondman. From the loose estate records of Nancy’s father’s estate, we know that Nancy and husband had moved to Giles County TN by 1848.

William Walker

William Walker married Elizabeth B. Vanhoy on 15 Oct 1828. John T. Blackborn was bondsman and the bond was witnessed by C. L. Banner.

Ruth Walker

Named for her grandmother Ruth Love, Ruth Walker married 14 Jan 1832 Martin W. Vanhoy. Jno. M. Vanhoy was bondsman and the bond was witnessed by Gid. E. Moore. As per Ruth’s father’s last will and testament, Martin W. Vanhoy died prior to the 1847 writing of the will.

Robert L. Walker

Born Jan 1830, Robert married Lucy C. ________. Born 17 Jul 1817, Lucy died 1 Sep 1856. She is buried at Love’s Church. Robert L. Love died 18 Dec 1880 and is also buried at Love’s Church.

Ann Elizabeth Walker

Anne E. Walker married Hugh Lowry on 14 May 1838. Fuel Crews was bondsman and the bond was witnessed by D. Stock___.


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