James Wade Love
Son of Jonah Love

Born 18 Jan 1828, James W. Love married first Malinda Louvenia Furr. Born 19 Mar 1826, she is the daughter of W. Mathias and Mary Page Furr. James is listed in the estate settlement of Mathias Furr.

The loose estate records for W. Mathias Furr provide a wealth of information. First, Mary's petition for widow's dower indicates that Mathias had 1,800 acres of land. On 22 Jan 1861, a commission laid off three tracts totaling 372 acres in the vicinity of Flat Rock Lutheran Church. Also, among the many holdings listed in the accounting of Mathias's estate, included is money in the "Charlotte Mint." It appears Mathias either owned a mine or was at least heavily involved in gold mining. On 2 Apr 1860, a notice for final settlement lists all heirs to the estate of W. Mathias Furr. The name of James W. Love appears on the list of heirs without that of his wife. It appears he is listed on behalf of his children and after the death of his wife Melinda Furr Love. The record appears below.

State of North Carolina
Stanly County
In the Probate Office
April 2nd 1872

To Isrial J. Furr, Levi L. Furr, Wilson Furr,
Solomon Pless and wife Caroline Pless,
Jas. W. Love, Jesse Long and wife
Hester C. Long, John Long and wife
Jane, Jonah J. Love, John E. Love,
Laban Smith guardian of James F.
Furr & Elizabeth Furr, Nelson Furr,
Julius Furr, Elisabeth Furr, Pink
Furr, Lawson Furr, Henry Reed
adm. of L______ Dec, Thomas
Love adm. of Polly Furr, Thomas Love
and Rena Love, Andrew Honnycutt
adm. of Allen Furr, Noah Barbee
adm. of E. Furr. You are
hereby notified that Thomas J. Shinn
and Frederic Furr as adm. of
Mathias Furr dec. will file their
final act for settlement of said
estate before the undersigned
at his office in Albemarle on
Wednesday the first day of May 1872
when and where upon may appear
witness. My hand and seal
of said court. April 2nd 1872

J. M. Redwine
Probate Judge

In 1860, James W. and Melinda Furr Love are enumerated in Furr Township. James enlisted for service at age 32 on 25 Mar 1862. While he was away at war, Melinda Lovenia Love died on 6 Oct 1863. She is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC in Stanly County. James W. Love was raised to rank of Corporal before being reduced in rank on 23 Apr 1863. Had Melinda been sick for a lengthy period of time? Did her possible illness have anything to do with his ability to lead and therefore caused the reduction in rank? James W. Love was accounted for until being captured on 19 Mar 1865 at the battle of Bentonville NC. He was confined at Point Lookout Maryland prison until being released on 28 Jun 1865.

The children of James W. and Melinda Furr Love are:

A. Hester C. Love

Born 11 Feb 1846, Hester married Jesse Long. She died 7 Aug 1892 and is buried at Love’s chapel UMC. Jesse Long died 17 Jul 1931.
B. Mathias “Tice” M. Love

Born 1849, Mathias married first ca. 1879 Sarah C. Teeter. Sarah was born 14 Oct 1850, the daughter of M. T. and Margaret Teeter. Sarah died 21 Aug 1879. The children of Mathias M. and Sarah C. Teeter Love are:
A. John H. Love Born 1868
B. Eller L. Love Born 1872, married 23 Dec 1889 J. Cyrus Efird, the daughter of N. P. and Eva Efird.
C. James J. Love Born 1875
D. Jonah Love Born 1877, married 13 Aug 1895 Ann Barbee, the daughter of Cyrus and Sallie Barbee
E. Cary Jennie Love Born 1878, married 30 Jul 1894 Jonah Furr, the son of M. L. and Page Furr.
Mathias married second Emeline Jenkins on 11 Dec 1879 in Union County NC. Emeline is the daughter of Seborn Jenkins. Their children are:
A. M. Daniel Love Born 22 Mar 1881 and died 10 Apr 1910, he married 30 Jun 1901 Rettie Little, the daughter of Sug and Lou Little.
Mathias Love married third Hester Osborne on 1 Apr 1886 in Stanly County. Hester is the daughter of Joshua and Emeline Osborne. The children of Mathias and Hester Osborne Love are:
A. Mary Louvena Love
B. Flora E. Love
C. Bud Love
Dated 30 Jul 1898, Mathias M. Love wrote his last will and testament. Probated 17 Dec 1898 in Stanly County NC, James Duncan Love and Williamson Little were appointed Executors. Mathias died in 1898. His loose estate record names the following heirs at law:
Hester Love (widow),
heirs of Mary Louvenia Love decd, heirs of McDaniel Love Decd,
Bud Love, Flora E. Hutson

C. Mary Jane Love

Born 24 Jul 1849, Mary Jane married 15 Aug 1867 John G. Long. He was born 23 Jun 1838 and died 11 Aug 1902. Mary died 30 Oct 1938.
The children of John G. and Mary Jane Love Long are:
A. James M. Long Born 24 Dec 1868, died 7 Oct 1944, James married 4 Jul 1895 Ila Greene
B. Thomas W. Long Born 12 Dec 1870, died 27 Sep 1942, Thomas married Lottie Gardner
C. R. Columbus Long Born 8 Feb 1873 and died 19 Dec 1848, Columbus married 27 Jan 1895 Tealie Baucom
D. Martha C. Long Born 25 Apr 1875 and died 15 Feb 1888
E. Luther A. Long Born 6 Jul 1877 and died 29 Jul 1911, Luther married 28 Dec 1905 Fannie Osborne
F. Maggie E. Long Born 23 Dec 1879 and died 21 Feb 1963, Maggie married 22 Mar 1908 Valentine Love
F. J. Daniel Long Born 28 Feb 1882 and died 12 Nov 1958, J. Dan married 7 Feb 1904 Ms. Taylor
G. Silas E. Long Born 19 Sep 1884 and died 17 Jul 1955, Silas married 20 Dec 1906 Ms. Braswell
H. Noah E. Long Born 1 Mar 1887 and died 25 May 1970, Noah married 22 Mar 1908 Ms. Benton
I. Dora M. Long Born 26 Jan 1890
J. Willie F. Long Born 12 Nov 1892 and died 22 Jan 1930, Willie married 15 Nov 1911 Ms. Stegall.
D. Jonah I. Love

Born 3 Jul 1852, died 24 Apr 1933, Jonah married Mary Drye. She was born 2 Aug 1857 and died 29 Jun 1932. Jonah died 24 Apr 1933. The children of Jonah I. and Mary Drye Love are:
A. Rena Love Died Apr 1979
B. Lottie Love Married Ernest Green.
C. Molly Love Born 25 Oct 1891, married Raymond A. Kizer b. 9 Apr 1888
D. Jane Love Jane married Savage Little
E. Ann Love She married Jonah Little
F. Della Love Born 25 Jan 1883 and died 20 Nov 1961, Della married first John Jenkins and second O’dell Efird
G. Lonnie A. Love
H. Laura Love Born 23 Apr 1887 and died 31 Mar 1974, she married Dock F. Furr
I. Lillie Love Born 5 Sep 1875 and died 20 Jan 1922, Lillie married Dr. Mann.

John E. Love seated and surrounded by an old friend and his grandchildren

E. John Ephraim “One Eyed” Love

John Ephraim Love married Frances Isabelle Hinson 10 Apr 1881. Born 12 Jun 1856, Frances Isabelle is the daughter of William Bartley and Marcenia Biggers Hinson of Union County NC. William Bartley Hinson was also known as “Fighting Bill” Hinson. It is said fist fighters sought him out. One day while plowing, a man from Charlotte paid a visit. They fought it out right there in the field. William Hinson was a man of means leaving a large estate. Frances received mostly gold and money for her portion of the estate. Though she could not drive, she purchased a long touring car and hired a driver. Because he had one drooping eye, John E. Love was known locally as “one eyed John.” He and Frances owned a farm near Locust Level on present day Rena Ford Road. Frances Isabelle died 24 Oct 1929 and John E. followed on 28 Jan 1946. Frances I. Love rests beside her husband at Love’s Chapel UMC. The children of John E. and Frances I. Hinson Love are:
A. Lillie M. Love Born 23 Aug 1882 and died 22 Jan 1883, Lillie is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC

B. Mary A. Love Born 25 Oct 1884 and died 15 Feb 1885, Mary is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC

C. James Adam Love Born 21 Jan 1886 d. 6 Apr 1939 bur. Love’s Chapel UMC, James A. Love never married. He attended Trinity College (now Duke University) and later worked in Charlotte. It is he who researched and wrote the history of Rocky River Love Family. It is said he drove the wheels off of a new Ford car traveling to Washington to find records on the family. I understand this. James Adam Love died 6 Apr 1939 of cancer and is buried beside his parents at Love’s Chapel UMC.

D. Nathaniel Mathias Love Born 7 Mar 1888 and died 18 Jun 1929 bur. Love’s Chapel UMC
E. Dock Fred Love Born 18 Feb 1890, Fred married first Cleo Teeter. Their children are: A.) Henry Love; B.) Audrey Mae Love McManus; C.) Herman Love and D.) Miss Elizabeth Love. Dock Fred Love married late in life Dora Widenhouse.

F. Mumpford J. Love Born 23 Sep 1891, Mump married 11 Aug 1924 Bertha Wallace He died 3 Mar 1958.

G. Rossie Jane Love Born 1 Oct 1892, Rossie married 9 Aug 1914 Grady Carr Greene Sr. Born 27 May 1896, Grady is the son of Ephram and Mary Anne Bass Greene. Rossie died 9 Nov 1928. The children of Grady and Rossie J. Love Greene are: A.) Robert Lloyd Greene; B.) Mary Frances Greene; C.) Grady Carr Jr Greene; D.) Olen Jackson Greene; and E.) Hugh Bailey Greene.

H. Minnie Anne Love Born 31 May 1894 and died 23 Jul 1951, Minnie Anne married 15 Oct 1913 William Columbus Love, son of James Daniel and Florence Geretta Sossamon Love. Their children are: Edwin Perna Love, Willene Elaine Love, John Daniel Love, Heath Wilton Love, and Frances Elizabeth Love.

I. Hubert David Love Born 6 Apr 1896, Hubert married Minta Burris, daughter of Hiram and Dovie Ellen Love Burris. Hubert died 11 Dec 1947.

While obviously home on furlough, James W. Love married second on 11 Feb 1864 to Mary C. Tucker. She was born 16 Dec 1836. James W. Love wrote his Last Will and Testament on 9 May 1893. He died 11 May 1894 and is buried at Love’s Chapel Methodist Church in Stanly County. Mary C. Love died 26 May 1909 and is also buried at Love’s Chapel. The 1909 loose estate record for Mary C. Love lists the following heirs at law:
Heirs of Mathias Love decd., Heirs of Hester Long decd., Heirs of Lovenia Furr decd.,
J. I. Love, J. E. Love, J. D. Love, J. A. Love,
G. H. Love, M. H. Love, Jane Long.

The children of James W. and Mary C. Tucker are:

A. James Duncan Love

Born 16 Jun1865, Duncan married first 27 Nov 1880, Hester Jona Furr, the daughter of Levi L. and Betsy Furr. She was born 11 Aug 1866, died 7 May 1900, and is buried at Love’s Chapel UMC. There were no children born to James Duncan and Hester Furr Love.

Duncan and Pantha Love
and baby daughter Nell

Following the death of Hester, Duncan married Alice Pantha Chaney, the daughter of Milton and Mrs. Austin Chaney. Pantha was born 7 Jul 1875 and died 27 Jun 1938. Duncan was prominent in Stanly County politics. He served as tax collector and was the 13th sheriff elected to that county. He died in 1943. Duncan and Pantha Chaney Love are buried at Fairview Cemetery in Albemarle NC. The children of James Duncan and Pantha Chaney Love are:

A. Nell Love Nell married Mr. McMannus
B. Will Love
C. Milton Love
D. Bob Love

B. Mary Lovenia Love

Born 1867, Mary L. Love married 16 Mar 1882, William M. Furr, the son of M. H. and Sarah C. Furr.

C. Jesse Green Love

Born 3 Oct 1869, died 4 Apr 1945, married first 11 Oct. 1887 Laura Huneycutt, the daughter of Adam and Eliza Huneycutt. Laura died 28 Aug 1910. The children of Jesse Green and Laura Honeycutt Love are:
A. Lola Bell Love Born 14 Sep 1888
B. Mandy Love Born 29 Apr 1890
C. Davis Love Born 20 May 1892
D. Effie Love Born 30 Nov 1894
E. Vera Love Born 20 Jun 1897
F. Lester Love Born 24 Jun 1901
G. Beatrice Love Born 27 May 1906

D. George Henderson Love

Born 26 Feb 1872, died 29 Jan 1947, married first Penny Biggers, born 11 Nov 1867, died 6 Oct 1939. The children of George H. and Penny Biggers Love are:
A. Lessie Love Born 5 May 1894, Lessie died 8 Aug 1921
B. Bert Love Born 26 Jul 1900, Bert died. 25 Sep 1945
C. Mary Love Born 8 May 1901, Mary died 8 Mar 1968
D. Norris Love Born 26 Apr 1898, Norris died 24 Jun 1963
E. Duncan Love Born 13 Aug 1891, Duncan died 12 Apr 1959. He married Louretta Hinson.

Milas Henry Love Family

E. Milas Henry Love

Born 7 Jul 1877, died 20 Jul 1946, married 31 Jul 1898 Susan Telitha Love, daughter of James Syman and Julia Yow Love. She was born 4 Jul 1883 and died 30 Sep 1964. The children of Milas H. and Susan T. Love are:
A. Julia Love Born 17 Nov 1904, married 16 Apr 1922 Rush D. Love. Born 16 Apr 1922 he died 18 Jan 1965
B. Infant Daughter Born 3 Sep 1899 Died 3 Sep 1899
C. Claude Love Born 3 Aug 1900, died 6 Mar 1972, married first Margaret Malone and second Mary Snipes Allen who died 5 May 1970
D. Blanche Love Born 26 Nov 1902, died 17 Dec 1971, married Quiller Carter
E. Ralph Hubert Love Born 2 Apr 1908, married Martha Austin
F. Rachel Love Born 13 Aug 1910, died 9 Dec 1963, married James Roy Little
G. Ruby Louise Love Born 29 Oct 1915, died 10 Jan 1973, married J. Clemon Baucom, died 12 Jan 1977
H. Bobby Jack Love Born 1 Apr 1919 died 7 Dec 1952, married 7 Dec 1952 Sybil Honeycutt.


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