Carolina Observer
Fayetteville, N.C.
Found at North Carolina State Archives

28 Aug 1828


A letter from Col. Wm. Dismukes, of Anson county, gives us the following account of the operations at one of the Gold Mines in that county:

"The Anson Gold Mine is situated on Richardson's creek, 23 miles west of Wadesborough, and owned by Col. Jacob Austin, the heirs of Jonathan Austin, dec'd, and myself. Very little work has been done here for several years past, until four or five weeks ago, since which I have attended it myself, and have had from 20 to 80 hands at work on shares, who have acounted for for upwards of 600 dwts., in different sizes, from the smallest particles to 130 dwts. And this morning a solid piece was found weighing thirteen pounds seven ounces, in its rough state, and it is supposed will net about twelve and a half pounds, and woth from 2,500 to 3,000 dollars. This is the largest lump that I ever heard of, except for the one found in Cabarrus county some years ago weighing 28 lbs. Several large pieces have heretofore been taken from this mine weighing from 1 to 5 lbs. Its extent is not known, but it is supposed to cover 15 or 20 acres of land, and only about three fourths of an acre has yet been worked. The workmen receive one half of all pieces weighing 1 dwt. and upwards, and two thirds of all under. Any number of hands can be employed, and the proprietors are willing to engage as many as possible, provided they can come well recomended."


Deed (U-284, Anson NC), 28 Nov 1828, Jacob Austin to William Dismukes. Being one and one-half tenth part of 35 acres, known as the Anson Gold Mine. The land was situated on Weatherford's Branch and near Cedar Branch adjoining the lands of William Mullis, Daniel Jenkins, and that belonging to Pinion. The transaction was entered Apr 1836. Witnesses were Daniel Smith and James W. Dismukes.


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