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Sea Breeze Boys House

Hello This Is Sea Breeze Boy I'm Also NCAllen well this is my homepage well i hope you like it so drop in more often I might add some more stuff on here well Enojoy my page!

Crystal-Mk58: Hey girl well i only wanted to say hey....LoL...
Chanel--Mk51 Hey whats up sis!!!..LoL..well i won't have to see you in the G~Chat..LoL..
Cher-Mk2 Hey..Sup..Girl..In Da Hood LoL Well See-ya In The G~Chat...!!!
Chris_Me_16 Hey My main man on the WEB!!!...Lmao..†Peace†
GolferChris-Me1 Whats My Boy In the Hoood...Lol...Well See-ya man Peace!..
Ghaleon-Mk10 Hey Man, if it wasn't for you I would f never made this page with out you i would of been a goner...LoL..I think..Lmao!!!
NCSenator Hey man whats up well i'll see youin Roanoke Rapids,NC Or Henderson,NC LoL...!
Sweetness-Mk22 Hey Girl whats up you know your Da Sweetess Girl on here..LoL..!!
Pebbles_Mk5 Hey girl whats happening LoL We all know your the "PEACHYEST" Girl on the web..LoL!!
TheVampire_Gvc2 Yo my best friend on the web welll we will all miss you when you leave the web )-: !
Mirage-Mk90 Hey whats up girl i have to say your the person with the most names on the web...LoL...
Sparkles Hey Girl whats happening well see ya in the G~Chat!!!
Donny-Mk63 Hey Man what Da Dillio LoL..well see-ya Oh yeahh you rule LoL.... LoL !!!
Spicy-Mk7 Hey Girl.You The Girl LoL.....Whats Up? Well See-ya in the G~Chat...!!!
JazzMine Thanx for helping me put my page on the gypsy world ring and you are the true html QUEEN!!!
Handsom-Boy Hey man whats up you da man..LoL well see ya man and now your on my shout out list...LoL

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Sweetness's Play House
The Vampires World
Ghaleons Empire
Panthers Page
Jazzmine's Magic Palace
Eric-Gc-1's Page
Gypsy Music 2000
Gypsy Chat 2000

That Was Some Of My Favorite Links Well There Will Be Some More...
Well's thats all of my HomePage i hoped you liked it well drop in more often there might be some more stuff on here what you can see..okay...see-ya!..Oh yeahh Please Sign My Guest Book!!!
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