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This is a Mac based game created by Chromite Software

I do not own a Mac myself, and have never played the game. So this description of the game is the best I can do for you at this time. Click on Chromite Software's name on this page to go to their site for more information.

The Story...

Erris gazed across the battlefield. Nothing had happened for days and yet the scent of battle hung in the frigid air. The soldiers looked towards the newly constructed bridge in anticipation of an enemy strike. Each had fallen in battle many times before and yet even now there was no peace. Across the great void the battles continued, repeating for all eternity.

You are pitted against up to 3 computer controlled players each commanding an army. The objective? Capture enemy territory, destroy their troops and wrest control before they do the same to you. Capturing territory is a prime concern as the more territory you have, the more troops you can train.

Each player can field soldiers, archers and knights, each of which has certain advantages and disadvantages. A careful balance is the key to winning the game. Use your archers to blockade bridges, soldiers to protect your towers while your knights are striving into new territory. Other aspects include trees (which act as barriers), roads which speed up your troops (and the enemies), bridges (which both sides can build) and towers (which provide a lot more resources).

Moving pieces is easy: simply click and drag where you want to move them. The same goes for attacking the enemy or capturing towers. The interface has been designed to be as intuitive as possible with the addition of keyboard shortcuts and an indexed help system.

There are 60 levels in total (6 can be played until you register). Strategies which work on one level may not work on another. Sometimes you will need to secure vital areas before the computer players gain control. Other times it is best to get out of the way and let the enemies fight against each other.

So that Lost Souls would be a enjoyable challenge for all users there are three difficulty settings (easy, medium and difficult) which each level can be played on (you have the option of switching settings at each level). Your progress is kept track of in the highscore which is unique for each saved game (that way several people can keep their own highscores). The user can save the game partway through a level and can also replay earlier levels.

There are several cheat codes embedded into Lost Souls (including a neat one where you get to swap sides!). However be warned, those who cheat will be listed as a cheater on that particular level in the highscore.