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   A fixed bridge is a permanent restoration made of porcelain and various types of metal designed to replace missing teeth. The procedure usually takes between two to three appointments and is very similar to having a crown placed on a tooth.


   Your dentist will recontour the teeth on either side of the missing tooth by removing a portion of the enamel and dentin (usually between 1 and 1.5mm). Several impressions of the prepared teeth will be taken and sent to a lab which will construct the bridge. Your dentist will make you a temporary bridge to protect the exposed teeth while the bridge is being fabricated. Usually at the second visit, your dentist will fit your new bridge over your teeth. A few adjustments will be made and your dentist may temporarily cement your bridge in for a period of a few weeks. Occasionally, the bridge can be permanently cemented at the second visit, depending on the clinical situation.

 The advice provided here is intended to aid you in understanding some of the treatment options available. It is important to note that before beginning any course of treatment you should see your dentist. Please note that without the benefit of a full dental examination, including a review of medical history, dental x-rays, and diagnostic aids, no attempt can be made to provide specific diagnosis or recommended courses of treatment. However, we will be happy to update our site to include topics you feel deserve mention.