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Summer 02-Volcom, Es, Zoo York, Force, Girl, Rip Curl, Etnies, A. Workshop, Foundation & more..
About Us
The Shop
We are a new shop based in the Arcade in Stirling. We orangise events and are the heart of the local skate scene.
Using our fool proof security system "A web Cam" we have a vast collection of photos of the people who...hang around. And are tax evading students, high school drop outs, and general scum.
Happy Owner John McNiven
Disco Frodo - Disco Stu as he is known around the shop, his boards can last a day, if only his temper lasted that long.
He is proud of his hockey temper.
The Grinch - Owner of Kata clothing, His own design of skate clothing. Famous for his big ass jeans.