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Sugar Glider Info
Whose page is this anyway??
Where do I Start to Research ?
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New or Wanna be? Start here
Jane's Downsides 
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Glider Net 
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Glider Diets and Ingredients
Message Bases?
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Glider Info Tree
State Restrictions/Urls
Ruth's Sugar Glider Page
 Trust,Bonding ,Biting,Holding
Glider Gossip
What to look for when
Clara's Sugar Glider Network
Glider Proofing
Lea's Glider Recipes
Play a game of
What If's
Real Stories
(Health Issues)
Sugar Gliders "R" US
Interviewing a Veterinarian
Larry Hardy's Page of Links
Joey Information
Lets Talk Gliders
Glider Proofing
Caroline's Pygmy Pets
 Glider Sounds
Gliding By
Caroline MacPherson's  Book
USDA Animal Care Page
USDA Regulations and Standards Index Page
G.I.N. Message Center
Glider Diets and Ingredients
International Sugar Glider Association
 Australian Parlimetary Meeting
Acme Pets Glider Board
Ruth's Breeder Database
 Description of Site
ACME Pets Exotic Board
Glider Trading Post
Emergency Vet Fund
Sugar Glider and Flying Squirrel Message Board
Trust,Bonding ,Biting,Holding
Sugar Glider Network Message Base

This page was setup and designed by many long time breeders and owners. We wished to try to get as much information regarding diets, bonding, trust, joeys, message bases, research. We want to keep the information as updated as possible regarding things that are found out. Sugar Gliders are marsupials from that originated in Australia, although most now have come from Indoneasia, New Guinea, and  Tazmania. what they eat and how they live in the wild,  can be found on just about any web site that has sugar gliders on it. This Information we hope you have already seen prior to coming here. This site was set up for new and want to be new owners. It cover the downsides, the state laws and restrictions, the game of what if, lets you play as if you have a glider, if you tire of the game , chances are you will tire of the glider. We cover trust and bonding, biting, holding issues, glider sounds, glider proofing. We have the real stories that deal directly with real gliders and real owners dealing with health issues. Interviewing vets.

These pages are the property of Sugarglider Info, do not place them on a website. There  are already several websites that  are mirroing this info, however they have done it with permission first. We generally don't give permission to actually copy the pages, however If you wish to link any page here it is legal to do so, but it is also more polite to ask. I generally don't have a problem with anything being linked directly in fact  we do encourage it, we would however; like to know where it is going. Thank you.



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