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The Martian Chronicles:
History Behind the Chronicles



Types of Colonies

History of Colonies











This is a web site intended to inform, to tell everyone of the history of man's attempts to colonize. All information is put into relation to that of "The Martian Chronicles." The relations are in the Essay part of this site.

The bibliography of reasorces can be found in the Links section if you feel the need for more information. However, my work can be found in the Types of Colonies and History of Colonies sections.

Definition of Colonization-
The extention of political and economic boundries by occupying a state that usualy has oganizational, mineral, or technological superiority. Colonizers may migrate to the colony because of overpopulation, economic, social distress at home, but imperialism is a major colonizing force. Native inhabitants tend to be subdued or assimilated to the colonizer's way of life. While colonization does date back to that of Phoenicians, it is remembered mostly as the vehicle of European expansion during the 15th century. The Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, English and French established colonies worldwide that have, mostly, obtained independence in only the 20th century. Today, classic colonization is considered that of immoral, but colonization will probably repeat itself in the not-so-distant future.

The widly read book "The Martian Chronicles" takes you into the world of a fictional Mars created by Ray Bradbury. It's obvious that the stories in this book are not likely to occur, but however they document the trend that humans have followed in the colonization of new places in the past 500 years. This page talks about that trend in an informative web style.

This site was originaly intended for an Honors English project at Evergreen High School.