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Mexican-American War Cartoons

These are some pictures I took of my students during their class period. This activity was one of their favorites. They were given an event from the Mexican-American War, and told to create a cartoon depicting that event. The quotes are from the student response sheets I gave at the end of my teaching experience.

Click here to see the actual assignment

"I liked the class activities. I liked the one you gave where we had to illustrate the parts of the Mexican War."

"I liked the class activities, like when we did the Mexican-American War cartoon. I learned a lot and it was fun too."

"I liked when we did the "Mexican-War" posters. I thought it was very creative and a great was to remember the battles!"

"I particularly liked the drawing activities."

"I thought the way you taught was a great way and it made it fun for us."

"The drawing contest and the document contests were lots of fun."

This is the final product. The bulletin board shows the 10 main events of the Mexican War.