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Mr Bloggs H15 Cyber Classroom

Discovering Economics and my other subjects

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Interesting links

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Year 13

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Year 12

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Year 11

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Year 10

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Year 9

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Year 11 (Accounting)

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Year 10 (Information Management)

This web site is to keep my students informed, and involved in their education. It is also a chance for parents to check on the work done in the classroom and to catch up on any communications. 
When this site is complete you should find Assignment topics and research guides and links for these topics. Homework topics and Revision questions for year level.
To access the information click on the links to the left that correspond to your year level. For general information about economics click on "Directory of Related Links." For information about important dates this month click on the calendar.
I hope you enjoy your visit


Here is an interesting article
The falling interest rates in the world begs the question, how low can they can go?.


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