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crap-o-phonic – scrawl, crap 001

produced and engineered by gary childress

recorded at ring-a ding diner recording studio, tunkhannock, pa, november 2000 to february 2001. it’s not a real diner, nor is it a real recording studio. “assman” sessions began at villa fiddlemyth, arlington, va, november 2000.

cover photography by brian kaminski.

songs highlighted in red can be heard at just click the title and you're there.

song i didn't want to write
3. angel may suffocate
4. interactive cardboard
5. too shy to talk to camoflage pants
6. massacre-ade
7. mr. partridge must think i'm an idiot
9. assman from outer space
10. not john barrymore
11. vibrating like money
12. decorative blows
13. marla matthews
14. heaven and cheese on rye
15. edwardsville
16. sleighride with 25 guys
17. oh buddy

all songs written by gary childress except “edwardsville” written by gary childress and michael kernag.

all instruments and programming by gary childress except for the following:

rick kakareka – backup vocals and additional engineering on “assman from outer space.”
steve maruzzelli – lead guitar on “song I didn’t want to write” and “not john barrymore.”
michael kernag – backup vocals on “edwardsville.”

a much more ornate version of these credits appears in the actual liner notes of scrawl.

special thanks go out to the kernags for an exceptional deal on printing materials.

discs are $8.00 postage paid.
orders outside the U.S. add $2.00 additional postage.
to order a copy of scrawl, send check or money order to:

12 Ironwood St.
Tunkhannock, PA 18657

Also available in Europe from Hoboken Records.

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