In the death metal scene, Cannibal Corpse is one of the most representative bands. Since 1988 when Cannibal Corpse was formed in Buffalo, NY by Chris Barnes - Vocalist, Bob Rusay and Jack Owen - guitarists, Alex Webster - Bassist and Paul Mazurkiewicz - Drummer, they showed their style seemed to Death with some of influences of Slayer but a little more extreme sound, the band recorded his first demo in 1989. They havegot several changes in the line-up, when Bob Rusay left the band the sound of the guitar played for Jack Owen wasn't the same, later with Rob Barret the band was a welcomed change. Next came the departure of Chris Barnes who formed his own band "Six Feet Under", he was replaced for George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher during the recording of "Vile". Pat O'Brien the newest in the line-up has made part of the two last albums from Cannibal Corpse. His style; an extreme and violent death metal; has made that his albums were banned in New Zeland, Korea, Australia and Germany and forbidden the sales in several countries. Cannibal Corpse is without question and infamous band in the music history and is the reflex of the sick metal filled of excelent guitars, drumms and vocals.


Demo - 1989

First Demo from Cannibal Corpse, Recorded in 1989

Eaten Back to Life - 1990

Second stuff of Cannibal Corpse, very good for being the first album of them, they showed why Metal Blade Records made a secure hit recording the brutal metal of Cannibal Corpse. Recorded in Tampa,FL by Scott Burns in 1990.

1. Shredded Humans
2. Edible Autopsy
3. Put Them To Death
4. Mangled
5. Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains
6. Born In A Casket
7. Rotting Head
8. The Undead Will Feast
9. Bloody Chunks
10.A Skull Full Of Maggots
11.Buried In The Backyard


Butchered at Birth - 1991

Third album from Cannibal Corpse is hard to describe with words about it, if you get a chance to buy, Go!!!. I think is the revelation album which Cannibal Corpse attracted the attention of the detah metal lovers, this album is filled of indecipherable lyrics, brutal images, pretty good sound, incredibly dark and unhearable growling vocals. This album was banned in Germany where sale was outlawed. Recorded 1991, Tampa,FL by Scott Burns

1. Meat Hook Sodomy
2. Gutted
3. Living Dissection
4. Under The Rotted Flesh
5. Covered With Sores
6. Vomit The Soul
7. Butchered At Birth
8. Rancid Amputation
9. Innards Decay

Tomb of the Mutilated - 1992

Continuing with his style Cannibal Corpse surprises us with this album, has the sickest and goriest lyrics that I have ever read, it's a intellectual work. Musically this album is very complicated. Maybe the lyrics are extreme but the music is exactly played, finely created and filled of the deep feeling own of this band. Recorded in Tampa,FL by Scott Burns - 1992

1.Hammer Smashed Face
2. I Cum Blood
3. Addicted To Vaginal Skin
4. Split Wide Open
5. Necropedophile
6. The Cryptic Stench
7. Entrails Ripped From A Virgin's Cunt
8. Post Mortal Ejaculation
9. Beyond The Cemetary

Hammer Smashed Face - 1993

Single of Cannibal Corpse contains three songs: Hammer Smashed Face from Tomb of the Mutilated and two cover songs; The Exorcist by Possessed and Zero the Hero by Black Sabbath. Really a very good stuff for a mini CD of 15 min. Recorded 1993, Niagara Falls,NY by Dennis Fura

1.Hammer Smashed Face.mp3
2.The Exorcist.mp3
3.Zero The Hero.mp3


Ace Ventura Pet Detective - 1992

This single was recorded by Cannibal Corpse in 1992 and the band appears like a club band in the Ace Ventura Pet Detective movie for requesting of Jim Carrey. Recorded 1992 Tampa Fl by Scott Burns

1.Hammer Smashed Face


The Bleeding - 1994

A great work of Cannibal Corpse, brilliant guitars and bass, exceptional voice, a strong music with the mark of this band, as always the lyrics are idecipherable but the quality is incredible. Recorded 1994, Tampa,FL by Scott Burns

1. Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead
2. Fucked With A Knife
3. Stripped, Raped, And Strangled
4. Pulverized
5. Return To The Flesh
6. The Pick-Axe Murders
7. She Was Asking For it
8. The Bleeding
9. Force Fed Broken Glass
10.An Experiment In Homicide


Vile - 1996

Cannibal Corpse introduces to George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher ex - vocalist of Monstrosity, I think is as good as Chris Barnes at least Cannibal shows a gore death metal very strong filled of thousands of topics own of the band. They used keyboards, violins and female vocal and gave us an instrumental track of brutal death metal but always keeping his music concept. Very often the band has surprised us, you get one chance to surprise again, like the band says "This recording is dedicated to all those who stayed brutal!!!!" Recorded 1996, Tampa,FL by Scott Burns

1. Devoured By Vermin
2. Mummified In Barbed Wire
3. Perverse Suffering
4. Disfigured
5. Bloodlands
6. Puncture Wound Massacre
7. Relentless Beating
8. Absolute Hatred
9. Eaten From Inside
10.Orgasm Through Torture

Gallery of Suicide - 1998

Catalogued as a landmark in the history of Death Metal and like the best album of Cannibal Corpse, on it Cannibal Corpse shows again a Death Metal very extreme. Since was Cannibal Corpse was introduced to this scene the gore death has gone growing up and becoming every day more strong with millions of fans around the world against of the gloomy thoughts of the common people. This Album is more mellow than his predecessors but with the same quality. The entire album is made with instrumental quality and complemented with a much better vocals than The Bleeding. It's obvious he's not singing about the national deficit. Recorded 1998 in Tampa,FL by Jim Morris

1. I Will Kill You
2. Disposal Of The Body
3. Sentenced To Burn
4. Blood Drenched Execution
5. Gallery Of Suicide
6. Dismembered And Molested
7. From Skin To Liquid
8. Unite The Dead
9. Stabbed In The Throat
10.Chambers Of Blood
12.Every Bone Broken
13.Centuries Of Torment
14.Crushing The Despised


Bloodthirst - 1998

What to say about Cannibal Corpse... Banned in some countries, lyrics and cover arts forbidden in other locations. Maybe that's the reason for Cannibal Corpse having so much successful, nowadays is the band more representative into the death metal; first they were the pioneers in this scene, second their albums are filled of gore and brutal lyrics and musically they don't have anything to envy of another band, simply Cannibal Corpse is the best and now they are showing with bloodthirst their latest album recorded in studio. The music and lyrics style has evolved, the album cover more sickening and musically a lot of insane riffs, I just can say if you like Detah Metal you must listen them. Glory of Death Metal!!! . Recorded 1999, Village Productions - Tornillo, Tx by Colin Richardson

1. Pounded into Dust
2. Dead Human Collection
3. Unleashing the Bloodthirtsy
4. The Spine Splitter
5. Ecstacy in Decay
6. Raped by the Beast
7. Coffinfeeder
8. Hacksaw Decapitation
9. Blowtorch Slaughter
10.Sickening Metamorphosis
11.Comdemned to Agony

Live Cannibalism - 2000

LIVE CANNIBALISM - Recorded live in Milwaukee and Minneapolis, 2000. Produced by Colin Richardson

1. Staring through the eyes of the dead
2. Blowtorch slaughter
3. Stripped, raped and strangled
4. I cum blood
5. Covered with sores
6. Fucked with a knife
7. Unleashing the bloodthirsty
8. Dead human collection
9. Gallery of suicide
10. Meat hook sodomy
11.Perverse suffering
12.The spine splitter
14.I will kill you
15.Devoured by vermin
16.Disposal of the body
17.A skull full of maggots
18.Hammer smashed face


Gore Obsessed - 2002

GORE OBSESSED - Produced by Neil Kernon and Cannibal Corpse

1. Savage Butchery
2. Hatchet to the Head
3. Pit of Zombies
4. Dormant Bodies Bursting
5. Compelled to Lacerate
6. Drowning in Viscera
7. Hung and Bled
8. Sanded Faceless
9. Mutation of the Cadaver
10.When Death Replaces Life


Worm - 2002

WORM - Mastered by Brad Vance, DNA Mastering, Studio City, CA Artwork - Vincent Locke, Design - Brian J. Ames

1. Systematic Elimination - PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
3. Demonís Night - PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (cover song of ACCEPT)

15 year killing spree - 2003

Composed By 3 Compilations Cd's and a DVD with their best Videos.

The Wretched Spawn

  1. Severed Head Stoning

  2. Psychotic Precision

  3. Decency Defied

  4. Frantic Disembowelment

  5. The Wretched Spawn

  6. Cyanide Assassin

  7. Festering In The Crypt

  8. Nothing left To Mutilate

  9. Blunt Force Castration

  10. Rotted Body Landslide

  11. Slain

  12. Bent Backwards And Broken

  13. They Deserve To Die



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