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Was supposed to start early but most of us slept in. Franny and her crew along with Yasmin Thobani (yes, she can cook and she can dance) served a scrumptious breakfast. Jeff and the boys started to chat up the oriental ladies from the next picnic table and all of a sudden everyone was doing the macarena and playing "rasra". The people responsible for bringing the volleyball equipment forgot all about it so we ended up playing two's and three's. Mudaber grafted "gilley-danda" equipment from some tree branches and invited all the men to leave their women behind and join him. It took several minutes to recall the rules and it was hilarious to see the guys try to hit the "gilley".

The guys prepared the BBQ chicken, with the rest of the feast being contributed by the Vancouverites. Nobody went hungry. The spicy smell of the chicken drew in a lot of strangers.  

Once again, there was a lot of reminiscing, teasing and simply recalling our childhood days. By now, old images had been melted down and new ones had been created. Overhead remarks like: "He/she would've been a good catch" or "Was I really crazy about him/her?". Jeff, being a ladies man, had got himself a list of ladies who (he said) were willing to go with him into the bushes. We had to remind him that at our age we all wanted to be the "first lady" and had no desire to play Monica. More picture taking with the ladies screaming "Am I in?" Someone replied, "Shouldn't a guy be asking that?" Overheard Nargis to Pradeep: "Tu bau var legarus" (you're taking too long). Pradeep's reply: "Emmaj maja che".

  Here's what survey says. Classmates who have been blessed with eternal youth: Tazmin and Mudaber. Classmate who looks the same as before: Iqbal Thobani. Classmates you could tell a mile away: Flora, Pradeep, Amin Dosani, Bashir and Salma Merani. Classmates who'd changed the most: Nashir Hudda, Azmina, Salma Mawani and Noorali. Classmates who resembled someone in their family: Azim Halani and Azim Mithani. Classmates who were just as shy as they were before: Azina and Iqbal Somani. Classmates who still like to party: Rubina and Mudaber. Classmates who are more likely to keep reunions going: Franny, Bashir, Agnelo, and Rubina. Classmates most likely to marry another classmate as a result of this reunion: ??? 

  Rumor has it that the next reunion will be in about two years… I can hardly wait! I suggest we all show up with our sleeping bags at Omar's in Saudi - you know, if the mountain doesn't come to Muhammed …

  It goes without saying that there was a lot of enthusiasm and affection. It was great meeting all of you. I for one will have fond memories of this reunion.  

   A WORD FROM FRANNY ……The rest of the reunion committee wanted to try their penmanship… move over Azmina…here come Shiraz,Tazmin and Rubina!!!

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