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 By Shiraz, Tazmin and Rubina

  This is going to be a tough act to follow..... I am going to continue where Azmina left off.....I start off by asking Azmina why she did not join for any other events after the picnic?Did Alkarim forbid you after he realized what a party animal you were!!!!!  

Whistler Trip

  Guess who showed up.... bright and early...Mrs Meraly (our teacher from Masaka). After another photo session with her (we could have got Kodak to Sponsor our reunion) we boarded a real school bus for Whistler.The bus trip was definitely a trip down memory lane (for those of us who went to Kampala for movies or the Murchison falls trip).Iqbal Thobani thought he was the tour guide and would not let go of the mike on the bus.Nasreen Mithani(our Lata mangasker) and her party entertained us with old forgotten songs as they played "anatakari" (contest of songs). By now everyone had let their guards down and were feeling very relaxed. Some of the remarks from the children on the bus: Our parents are acting like teenagers (some of us had actually reverted to our teen years! names).....They are laughing at the silliest things...I can't believe that is my mum!!! 

  We had a "chai" stop at Shannon Falls, where Salim (franny's hubby) and Amir (shehenaz Jiwa's hubby) made tea for everyone on a small camping stove. These ladies have trained theirs hubbys well!!!Shannon Falls was a real test for all the Athletes.....some managed to climb to the top of the falls but most gave up halfway...a sure sign of age!!!

  In Whistler,everyone was so anxious to take in all the sights that by the time Tazmin and I returned with maps of the area (5 mins after we got off the bus) everyone had disappeared! 

 On the way back the kids made us promise that we would not sing anymore songs, so Mudaber had to keep everyone occupied with his mind boggling riddles....In The three hour trip, we could only solve two of them....(rusty brains or age???)

  That was the end of another memorable day 

……O'yes then there was the dinner cruise on a beautiful sunny afternoon - Tuesday August 8th, 2000. There's always something exciting happening on Granville Island but on this day our reunion cruise., was definitely the Highlight!!

   The excitement was building as we arrived between 5:30 and 6:30pm. The women came in their elegant dresses …while the men didn't really care. We boarded the Vancouver Champagne cruise…. DESTINY…How appropriate…as all our lives have changed..(As Iqbal Thobani put it…"our lives have been changed forever by this reunion")  

   It was a perfect day for a cruise of the beautiful Vancouver shoreline! We all headed to the wide-open top deck with a retractable cover in case it rained. (Of course it never rains in Vancouver) We sat around the deck laughing and joking - Nargis had most of the people in stitches - she reminded us of childhood nicknames and who fancied whom. Some of it I think she made up!!!!

   Rubina and Tazmin continued to collect money - this time for the pictures. They handed the group picture taken at the dinner to the out of town guests. 

   All along you could hear laughter and camera clicks everywhere. It was a romantic setting - with the sound of the water and the beautiful Vancouver sunset in the background. You could spot couples in intimate conversation - no names - you had to be there!!! We enjoyed the evening watching the sight of Vancouver at dusk. We went along the infamous Kitislano Muscle Beach, Jericho sailing club, across the harbor. We saw the beautiful houses on the shoreline in West Vancouver (the wealthiest region in Canada). Many film stars have summer homes in this area.

  This cruise was picture perfect…even the dinner was fantastic… the buffet included green salad, tossed Caesar salad, teriyaki beef and chicken on skewers barbecued to perfection, vegetable lasagna, black olives, red onion, Romano cheese, baked potato, dinner rolls, etc. Followed by coffee and chocolate cake.  

  Some of the guests sat around chatting with Salma and Nargis while the rest headed back to the deck for dancing to bangra music and other favorite songs - compiled by Franny. Mudaber was coaching the crowd on the correct bangra style, which we later learned was all wrong!!!!

 Our 3-hour cruise ended with a view of the second largest urban park in the North America Stanley Park (second only to Central Park in New York). You could see the Vancouver downtown skyline that is second to none (see picture on the web)  

As we docked around 11pm - the group had not had enough - we were still in the party mood.(This being the last day for a few of the friends….Bashir Lalani, Iqbal Somani,Bina Mistry, Yasmin Manji(Dhalla), to name a few….) All 43 of us went to Bridges an outdoor seafood restaurant. We all sat around sipping on more coffee and desert. Thanks to Azim Halani for taking care of the bill. There were more pictures, laughter and teasing. - We were finally "kicked" out of the restaurant at 1.30am…. Everyone hung around the parking lot and the last people left at about 2.30am.

    I hear the planning of the next reunion cruise is already into progress, so book your spot now! ……..bye for now
…………Shiraz Parbatani.

  Since our editor quit…we have been ordered to write about the open house or else…..We tried to get Shiraz to continue but he absolutely refused!!!..So Rubina And I are going to give it a try…………….

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