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How to fold a note to look like an envelope

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When was in high school I learned this way of folding a note so that it looked like an envelope. It may have been my sister or brother who taught me, or the other way around; I don't remember. A lot of kids knew how to make them. I haven't seen them on the Internet anywhere, so I thought I should put up directions.

In those days you could put a stamp on one of these and send it through the mail, which I did often in the next few years. Nowadays the post office won't deliver something so small. But these notes are still great for slipping though the slots in a locker, or into the pocket of a loved one.

Start with an 8.5"x11" piece of printer paper or notebook paper. Fold it in half diagonally to make a triangle:

Open the paper back up, and fold diagonally the other direction, opening up again at the end.

Push the top triangle down and press to form creases on the inside. This forms what is called a "waterbomb base" in origami, except that there's an extra bit below because we started with a rectangle instead of a square.

Fold the two outside corners up to the top, and squash fold them to form two squares".

Fold the two lower middle corners of the squares up to form two triangles, and fold the center point up.

Fold the top point down.

Tuck the tip into the pocket and fold upward on the inside.

Fold the side flaps to the center.

Fold the bottom two corners up to the center line.

Fold the bottom flap up and tuck into the pocket. This completes the envelope.

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