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Ode to Punk

Ok i may dress like a little preppy teenager but i really am PUNK at heart. Punk music is the only way to go but i'm not gonna begrudge you if you have other tastes these are just my oppinions and since your on MY PAGE my oppipions are the only ones that really count. But yeah the diversity of the different kinds of punk out there really says something about the diversity of the types of people that listen to punk. It has a very diversified appeal and that is one of the reasons i like it soooooooooooo much. Ok so thats my little I LOVE PUNK speal, here's what i think about the local music scene. We have the starts of a great scene in Anchortown but if more people don't get out and support our local musicians we're never going to get anywhere so ALL OF YOU GET OUT THERE AND WATCH SOME CHEAP HIGH QUALITY MUSIC!!!! dude thats a direct order! so yeah spend five bucks on a friday night and support your scene you will enjoy it! and watch ANCHORAGE UNDERGROUND on wednesday nights at ten on channel 44!

Best punk bands EVER!!!!!!!!

ANCHORAGE UNDERGROUND i know this is on the home page but go here now anyways