Starmount's Country Blue Belle.
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This page is of my AKC Great Pyrenees, Belle.
She came to live with us here in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington from a breeder in Colorado last November.
Belle, has given us nothing but joy and happiness since the first time we saw each other.
Belle's favorite thing to do is, go for long walks. Plus you can't forget her BONES!! She loves chewing on them. Her favorite food is mashed potatoes.
Belle was born on July 5, 2000.
Her dame is Karolaska Odette Shadowrun and her sire is Starmount's By Chance.
Belle is a graduate of obedience training at
The Dog Works.
In April of 2004, I divorced my husband and took Belle with me to live. Unfortunatly, the place I moved into was too small for Belle. In stead of giving her to a pound I looked for help on the internet. The "Great Pyrenees Club of Puget Sound" (GPCPS), came to our rescue. They helped me find a new home for Belle. That just happened to be the breeder of Belle's Dam. Dottie Sisco, who owns ShadowRun Kennels, lives in California. So, the GPCPS flew Belle on an airplane down to California for me at no charge. I've stayed in touch with Dottie to keep up on Belle. Belle has been fostered out to a lovely couple who happen to have 2 other Pyrs for her to play with. Plus, I was told Belle is now a Therapy Dog! Isn't that exciting? It's not somthing I'd have ever done with Belle. I am very glad Belle has a wonderful new home with friends to play with!
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Belle has a new family now in Southern California. She is very happy and doing great!


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