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spring break in cali

P4130001.JPG P4140002.JPG P4140003.JPG P4140004.JPG P4140005.JPG
proof my cat didn't want me to leave. venice beach
P4140006.JPG P4140007.JPG P4140010.JPG P4140012.JPG P4150013.JPG
kelp i believe there was a landslide there
P4150014.JPG P4150017.JPG P4150018.JPG P4150020.JPG P4150021.JPG
under a dock at a beach
P4150023.JPG P4150030.JPG P4150031.JPG P4150034.JPG P4150035.JPG
yes cali has trees and grass...its not all cars and city
P4150037.JPG P4150038.JPG P4150040.JPG P4150041.JPG P4150039.JPG
P4150044.JPG P4150045.JPG P4150046.JPG P4150050.JPG P4150047.JPG
P4150051.JPG P4150053.JPG P4150054.JPG P4150055.JPG P4160056.JPG
elephant seals.. they were everywhere

Last updated: 4/24/05