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spring break in cali - page 2

P4160057.JPG P4160058.JPG P4160062.JPG P4160063.JPG P4160064.JPG
they are just playing
P4160067.JPG P4160069.JPG P4160070.JPG P4160071.JPG P4160074.JPG
some of the only squirrels i've ever seen that aren't afraid of humans they look like a bunch of dead fish i thought it was cute there are a ton of oil drills around california
P4160083.JPG P4160086.JPG P4160087.JPG P4160088.JPG P4160089.JPG
windmills..lots of them red rock canyon a cactus some of the desert
P4160090.JPG P4160092.JPG P4160094.JPG P4160095.JPG P4160096.JPG
a lizard this cactus will jump out and get you. a joshua tree
P4160097.JPG P4180099.JPG P4180100.JPG P4180101.JPG P4180103.JPG
the killer whale i saw after i threw up on the boat these plants look kind of like birds fish on the glass bottom boat tour
P4180105.JPG P4180106.JPG P4180107.JPG P4180108.JPG P4180109.JPG
these birds actually dive in the water a swim under the water and catch fish pigeons being chased out of the kitchen it was a hoot to see the pigeon in the trash can
P4180110.JPG P4180112.JPG P4180115.JPG
cali gulls are cleaner and whiter than ny gulls

Last updated: 4/24/05