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They were there all the while. My two best friends that I didn't know. All I had to do was let my creative thinking go...I had plenty of that. I would rest on the ancient stones, at the overlook wall in Iroquois Park. And I would wonder! What color is their hair? I would watch the clouds roll by...high above my city, and they were with me, always. And I would wonder! Will I be as good a friend to them, as they will be to me? Will we laugh a lot...and, what of the tears? Will there be secrets...girls love secrets! And I would wonder! Will we be friends forever, and ever?

I was always told by my Mother and my Grandmother that my best friends were imaginary, and I shouldn't rely on them too much. I ignored such a notion, of course! A few years down life's path...there they were...big as you please--just waiting for me! We have shared all those things that I used to wonder about...and a thousand more. If Peggy and Judy are imaginary, who needs reality?

...with love from me


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