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Book  Contents

Why this book?
Galenís Story

Recovery from Autism is Possible       by Bernard Rimland
The Candida Connection
    Candida Caused Autism      By Bernard Rimland
    Urinary Profiles in Autistic People       By Paul Shattock
How Diets May Help
    Gluten Free/ Casein Free Diets
    Gluten Free/ Casein Free Recipe Books
The Vaccination Controversy
    The Autism Explosion
    Vaccination - The overlooked factors
    Find out for yourself...Whatís in a shot
    Side effects
    Vaccination Update
    Statement of Responsibility
Toilet Training       by Ian & Karen Mitchell
Secretin (with comments from Paul Shattock and Bernard Rimland)
    Secretin Update
Alternative Therapies
    DMG (Dimethylglycine)
    Vitamin B6 & Magnesium
    Super Nu Thera
    Colloidal Minerals
    Food Sensitivities
    Flower Essences
Chiropractic  (including a statement by Dr Russell V Beel D.C.)

Applied Behavioural Analysis
    Applied Behavioural Analysis   - (courtesy of ABIA)
    The ABA Controversy      By Bernard Rimland
Where to find Natural Therapies (and how much they cost)
Autism Associations
Suggested Reading
Internet Web sites
Funded Specialist Programs
Federal Grants and Family Support Services  (available in Australia)
Heavenís Special Child and Authorís note

Why This Book
Book Contents
Toddler Galen
A Lost Boy
The Long Climb Back
Secretin Therapy
Galen in 2004
Galen in 2007
How to Order
Some Useful Links