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Why this book?

  As you know or can imagine it is extremely traumatising for parents when a child has just been diagnosed autistic, even professionals who are used to dealing with this tragic condition seem saddened by each diagnosis, parents are left to deal with gathering information bit by bit and relying on a system that is not in tune with autism.  Most General Practitioners do not have special training in dealing with these children, in fact I have found some paediatricians that are not even up to date with current issues concerning autism.  The fact is in some cases you have to wait, wait for an assessment, wait for a facility, wait for Occupational Therapy, wait for Speech therapy, wait,wait, wait. The one thing you cannot afford to do is wait, time is of the essence and the earlier you start working with autistic children the better their chances for learning.

 Parents have enough to cope with, doctors, hospitals,siblings, ignorance, medication, and much more.  I have found knowledge to be the key, to learn all you can and not to be afraid of the truth.

 There are Associations waiting to help you with all kinds of advice, Facilities for Early Interventions and seminars and workshops that will enable you to take control of your childs learning.  There are books, videos, web sites and chat rooms via the internet.  This is about your child and learning to make informed choices with confidence that will not only empower you but also your child.  This book contains all the material my husband and I have sifted through, some we have used to Galens advantage.   Not all therapies work well with every child but all the early interventions and various natural medications we have tried have been beneficial in some way and all of them have made a difference.

 I don't waste my time waiting for a big miracle, I work with Galen and search for ways in which I can help him and keep him tuned into my world as well as learning how to enter his.  We have come a long way in the last four and a half years, from the day we first realised he had lost most of his language until the day when he asked me for juice not milk, him making that distinction was to me another daily minor miracle.

 When Galen was first diagnosed we had no real idea of what autism was going to mean to us a parents or as a family.   There were many books around about autism, what the condition entailed and how it was treated by doctors but there wasn't a book that explained just what our options were, or any information about any of the natural remedies, where to get them or how much they cost.

  I have spent many hundreds of hours researching information, speaking to the people who have contributed to this book and watching the effects of natural remedys on Galen to enable him to grow to his full potential.

 This book is for those people who need to empower themselves by learning about what kind of therapies there are available. My reason for putting this book together was to produce a resource of information so that you, the parents can make informed choices about your childs needs.

 These are our children and for their sakes we need to know everything we can about their condition and just what our options are  to help them on their difficult journey to freedom.

Because all people are different there are different answers for each of us and I have included some of the therapies we have yet to try with Galen.   The people that I have had contact with that are researching new evidence are committed and caring and some of them are parents of autistic individuals.  Some of the therapies included are new, but the information presented here will enable you to keep apace with research and to learn what are the relevant questions you need  to ask.

Why This Book?
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Toddler Galen
A Lost Boy
The Long Climb Back
Secretin Therapy
Galen in 2004
Galen in 2007
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