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Our Neff Family


George North Neff and Mary Elizabeth Hamilton Neff and Children


Our Neff Family can be traced back to the year 1804, with the birth of Joel Neff, in Wheeling West Virginia. Family historians claimed that his father and mother were German Immigrants. The tracing of our genealogy has hit a dead end with Joel's mother, Marguerite (maiden name unknown) and his father (name unknown).

In an account written about Joel's life, in the book, The History of Madison County, Illinois, it is said that Joel received his education in Wheeling, WV, before moving west sometime after his father passed away.

We may not be able to link with another Neff family, yet, prior to 1804, but we have a colorful history of a family that pioneered their way west, in a spirited trek that spans almost 200 years.

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