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The First Unofficial Wicked Site


Preview Performances Played: 25

Regular Performances Played: 580

Total Performances Played: 605


March 22, 2005

So...we are trying once again to update a bit more regularly. Maybe we have some extra time now...who knows. So... here is a link to a wonderful new Wicked fansite, fittingly titled Defying Gravity: Defying Gravity Check it out! And also, check the updates page for some new and exciting updates!

February 20, 2005

After a long absence, we will trying to put occasional updates on the site. The big news: The Wicked tour is about to begin! More details soon. Wicked will return to San Francisco this summer at the Orpheum Theatre. Please check Best of Broadway for more details. Currently, Wicked is not listed, but hopefully they will start selling tickets soon. Thanks!

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Check Updates Page...Updates? What a concept!

July 18, 2004

- We sadly bid farewell to Kristin Chenoweth and Norbert Leo Butz, in the roles of G(a)linda and Fiyero, respectively (Norbert playing Glinda...hee hee). Both of you were wonderful in your roles and you will be missed in the show. Look for Jennifer Laura Thompson as G(a)linda and Joey McIntyre as Fiyero, starting both starting July 20. Also, look for George Hearn to replace the still ailing Joel Grey: Article. Mr. Grey is still on an extended leave of absence for illness, but at the present time it is not clear whether or not he will be returning any time soon. We wish him a full recovery.

Sorry for all the lack of updates everyone! Sarah and I are in intense rehearsals for our respective shows, and with that and school, there has been no time whatsoever. But we're updating now! Thanks.


Please check the Updates section in our links from now on for Updates. We are attempting to clean up this page. All previous updates will be moved there also.

Hi my name is Sarah and my brother is Ben. We both love musicals and we had the opportunity to see Wicked out here in San Francisco. It is an amazing show and I haven't been able to find any info on it. We decided to make this site so people could read about it. Press reviews that I have read have been mixed. Go check them out! Please remember that plot from Wicked should be kept secret. We are being careful of what we say to ensure that we follow this as well.

Wicked is playing at the Gershwin Theatre. Click for seating charts and info. Previews in NY started on October 8th, due to an extra day needed to smooth out kinks in the production. Opening night was October 30th and hopefully it won't close for at least 10 years. Tickets on sale now at or a direct link here.

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