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Rusty Pics - Pics of London rustys

Starlight Sequence Pics - 'I am the Starlight' - classic pose!

Rusty + Pearl Pics - Aw! Aren't they sweet!

More Rusty Pics - More pics of Rustys from other productions of StEx!

My own Rusty Pics - Pics of Rusty taken by myself or Pally

Links - Links to other cool StEx sites!

Cast Lists - Lists of people who have played Rusty in London. It's not really finished yet, but I'd thought I'd link it

Caption Competition - A competition for you enter! Fun!

About Me! - Hey, don't ask! Every other page has one! :)

My awards - *Sniffle* I'd like to thank my mum, my dad, the little old lady down the road...

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Welcome! Please, stay and have a look around! :)


Welcome to Rusty's Domain (Run, while you still can!)
Hi! ThingyWot here! This is Rusty's Domain - a site all about the character Rusty from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, 'Starlight Express'. This site is part of a large ring of (Enter you name here)'s Domain sites, and I hope it'll be as good as the rest! This site will have info on Rusty as a character, and all the actors who have played Rusty.



19th August

Updated the Steamer award, Links, and the caption comptetition! Will be adding more soon!

10th June:

Ouch, it has been a long time, hasn't it? Even though I havn't been writing up here it doesn't mean I've been working on the page, little bits here and there! One good point now is that that horrible green colour you get in the background is gone! And I'm in the midst of tidying up the pages! It WILL get done! *makes list* If I dont do it, email me and give me a good telling off! :)

25th December:

Merry x-mas everyone! I gotta little surprise for everyone!

6th November:

Waa... sorry I havn't updated for so long, but I've been having trouble with angelfire and MSN... (g-ger...) But I'm back up now, and I've got loads of web-space for the site!

30th August:

More entires to the caption Competition, and more winners of the Steamer Award! Also, there was a huge costume meetup at StEx on the 19th August, there's more info about that at the Yahoo!Starlightexpressfanclub and I'll have a few pics developed soon!

17th July:

This page has moved! I thought MSN was pretty c**p, so this is the new Rusy's Domain! A HUGE thanks to Anna (Pearls Domain) for teaching me some html, I couldn't have done it without you! Enjoy your stay!

It's hard work getting all ther pages up and working, so if you spot any mistakes (e.g, link to the old page, broken stuff) please e-mail me and tell me!

16th July:
Hey! I got an award, so I added an awards page! Also, getting an award inspired me to make my own award! Go to the link at the bottom of the page and win the steamer award!

4th July:
Ooh! Happy 4th July! (even though I'm not american).
Added a page about me (don't ask why, I was bored!) :)
We need entries for the caption competition!

27th June:
Ooops! *Shuffles feet* I'm a naughty ThingyWot! I've been trying to update, but I need more pics/resumes of the London Rustys.
Also, there's a new page up - a caption competition! Check out the link at the bottom.
I want to get this site moved to a better place ASAP - frankly, I don't like MSN too much. It's easy, but as you can see not much choice at all! (Sorry MSN!) I'll see what I can do!

29th Feb:
Oh! It's a leap year! Cool!
I've added a bannr for this site on the banners page - thanks to Pally for making it for me, she's very good at it!
Also, check out the guestbook, it's been signed by Adrian Hansel! (Current London Rusty) Thanks Adie!

24th Feb:
Added the cast list section, but it's not really finished!

11th Feb:
Added lots of pics, more to come!

9th Feb 2000:
This site has been created! I will try and build it up as quickly as possiable, I need lots of info! Please sign the gusetbook if poss!


Rusty lives here!

Rusty lives here!
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