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Song Notation

Song	:kya dil ne kaha
Movie	:kya dil ne kaha

kya dil ne kaha kya dil ne suna
R   S R S  n S   S  p    S n n

Palken Juki Hai Saasein Ruki Hai Koyi Hume Pukare
R G     R R  R   R  G    R R  R  S R  R G  P P M M

Anjaani Raahein Thaami Hai Baahein Hum Hi Nahin Humare
same as above..

Oh Yaara Kya Dil Ne Kaha Kya Tum Ne Suna
P  M G R  R  S R S  n S   S   p  S  n n 

((it is incomplete and in testing phase..not accurate))
((if u can complete it..send it to me))

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